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0's & X's (Design Map by conker87)
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Rating: 7.25 in 8 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
conker87 (03/30/2006 01:43am):
Several different ways you can play this. I think Black Hole may be able to survive against all
4 other opponents, however I did make this map with a 2v2v1 game in mind. I wanted to
make this fair on Black Hole, but also able to survive.

Edit: I moved the neutral airports so that they have to work for them rather than an easy
Last Edited on 03/30/2006 01:46am
voltcs (04/08/2006 04:34pm):
I joined ur game. Im gonna lose anyways. BH needs more cities, I think.
/-Sid3Wind3r-\ (04/09/2006 01:47pm):
Good map. 10/10.By the way im GE.
Last Edited on 04/09/2006 01:48pm
/-Sid3Wind3r-\ (04/09/2006 01:48pm):
Yeah u r probably gunna lose.........
jhuni (09/16/2006 12:35am):
wth how is this 10/10 please give your logic toward your rating to bring validitiy to
your overall conclusion. +
Last Edited on 09/16/2006 12:37am
Meta Rexy (07/24/2008 08:48pm):
Not bad. But the countries are placed a little too close together. In other words, BH
could just post a missile unit separated from the other countries by a river, but still
able to shoot every air unit produced.
Bases in the corners aren't practical. I think the allied forces should be relocated to
the corners with neutral bases and airports on the sides instead.
CO_Raven (05/10/2012 12:27am):
Really, come on. BH has no chance. Outnumbered more than 2 to 1 in funds and outstripped in
production capabilities too.
zaykho (05/17/2012 07:08pm):
Good map only if the BH player are strong and prepared to fight against 4 CO.

I'm BH in a game on this map, and i'm trying to optimize every block of my area for give
me the possibility to attack one of the first weakest CO, because you need to find quickly
who are the weakest of the band, then attack him as much as you can while your defending
the rest of your base with infantry spam, so yes, you can win, but be prepared to do a
very long and hard fight without any mistake...

The only shit part is the silo missile, they have too much of them, only 4 missile will be
great, not 8......

But even with that, BH can win......
Nyvelion (11/16/2012 05:52pm):
That is very high funds.

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