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Motherlode (Design Map by ???revived)
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Rating: 8.91 in 11 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
???revived (04/01/2006 02:19am):
Due to the very heavy terrain here, banning Grit and Lash (as well as Colin and Hachi) is
strongly recommended. Kindle is also a suggested ban.

This idea has been utilized before, yes, but this is my first shot at an epic 8 player FFA, so
don't rate it too horribly if you can help it.

Although there are many, many properties outside of the motherlode, it will probably be the
area of greatest attention.

I know that ending a game with all eight players here is about a 1 in a 10000000, it is
however a designation of how big and long a game can be.

Although the side armies are slightly closer to the motherlode, the corners have only one
entrance, so they can defend themselves more easily.

There is about a 1 : 5 or so ratio of airports to bases as I have tried to emphasize the land
combat occuring on this map.
Last Edited on 04/01/2006 02:24am
bomber army man (04/01/2006 08:56am):
I like this map. 8/10.
golden_cow2 (04/01/2006 10:17am):
The corners still have two entrances. Also, they will never be able to get the mother"load"
before the side players, because the side players can just stall at the "easy-to-defend"
entrances to the corners.

Until these problems are fixed, I give it a 8/10
???revived (04/01/2006 12:38pm):
Yeah I guess it was rather unbalanced. I took away two cities from all the side armies and
placed a port on the inside of the "lake" of each of the corner armies. The ports are
landlocked so that only landers can pass through. There are shoals on
the outside, so that the corner armies have another way across.
Last Edited on 04/01/2006 12:39pm
???revived (04/21/2006 04:38pm):
Edited: The pipe seams on the pipes seperating each player's starting positions have been
removed, giving the corner armies, which are disadvataged in terms of being farther away
from the motherlode, the advantage of having only one front to defend their main base with.
Last Edited on 04/21/2006 04:38pm
Sylux (07/07/2006 11:36pm):

-1 for ports being useless due to shoals being in the way
-1 for the map being too crowded(I think there should be more plains)
jhuni (08/10/2006 11:39pm):
nice map better then most the crap thats going around right now
howdyhamster (10/05/2006 06:10pm):
^ Seconded for truthery.
pandayanni19820409 (07/24/2007 07:59pm):
infinite war......
COeagle (07/24/2007 08:19pm):
Umm... there is so much money here that Colin isn't even going to flourish here. Kanbei is way more dangerous.

Pretty good... 8'd
ChrisPBacon (07/29/2007 10:38am):
GE needs a second lake base
DuelStriker (08/09/2007 10:55am):
This map owns...
DuelStriker (08/09/2007 10:56am):
It's great for chaos... FFA anyone?
???revived (08/12/2008 12:57pm):
Fixed the GE base problem.

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