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~(Mamoth)~XL4plr (Design Map by mamoth)
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Rating: 8.36 in 22 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 4.00 in 1 rating
Patashu (04/08/2006 01:35am):
You gave BM one too many infantry, mamoth. Not bad otherwise, but I'd swap the central
base for a city.
jhuni (08/13/2006 04:11pm):
Missile silos are not good and most dont like them they also hurt balance and however you
balance FTA missile silos will start up LTAs/FTAs.
u stole my kill! (10/28/2006 12:22pm):
Strangely, this reminds me of a swastika

Archromancer (11/01/2006 04:38pm):
Good map, me like, but why the extra BM infantry?
NecroMage (11/15/2006 06:59am):
BM has an extra infantry because they have two neutral properties like OS, but go after OS.
GE has one, and YC has none. It's meant to counter FTA, but I find scaling FTA fixers like
that tends to create big LTA. (YC has two infantry that can run off and start capturing while
everyone else has one, unless they abandon the neutral property they start on; except OS
with no extra infantry.)
guffey (11/19/2006 07:19pm):
it is a swastika... that destroys any good vote for this. overall :10/10-9 for swastika= 1
satou (11/22/2006 09:49pm):
this screams sturm ban...
LuminescentSword (11/23/2006 05:08pm):
guffey (11/19/2006 10:19pm):
it is a swastika... that destroys any good vote for this. overall :10/10-9 for swastika= 1


Anyway, the FTA scaling is a bit unneeded, especially in large maps, where FTA counters
aren't needed as much. 7/10
Last Edited on 11/23/2006 05:08pm
Syko (11/25/2006 06:19am):
how i can play a game, i only see a screenshot and when is my turn?
Syko (12/04/2006 06:14am):
ihr seid alle zum scheißen zu blöd
Mantimus Prime (12/22/2006 06:57am):
"it is a swastika... that destroys any good vote for this. overall :10/10-9 for swastika= 1 "

wtf are you smoking?
Madd Maxx (09/15/2013 01:30am):

fantastic map! Playing it now.

Mantimus Prime. you're an idiot. What are YOU smoking? Anyways, swastika maps
are great for gameplay. Politically correct people make me sick! It's fuking war
game!!!!!!! not pacman
systericon (11/28/2014 03:16am):
....@ madd maxx
OP was guffey (11/19/2006 07:19pm)
Mantimus just quoted
superspeedy (01/10/2015 11:12pm):
good map just once someone gets a firm hold over the airports it's over for that team

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