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3 Front War!! (Design Map by George Is In)
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Rating: 5.33 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
wareagle (04/09/2006 04:00pm):
Good idea but needs some serious work terrain variety for example.
golden_cow2 (04/09/2006 05:07pm):
. . . very old idea and it isn't even used well here. There is no incentive to spend any
funds on the non-ground fronts (Except prehaps Jade building a battleship to attack the
ground front) and you need a hell-load more terrain variety like eagle said.
Maraj (04/09/2006 05:53pm):
Well, there's the HQ's lying around...

But yeah. This map phails.
Nyvelion (04/10/2006 02:56pm):
Sensei for the win in the bottom right corner lol.
Nyvelion (04/10/2006 02:56pm):
Sensei for the win in the bottom right corner lol.
funkytown (10/14/2010 03:28pm):
lame map is lame to be perfectly honest. green could easily build a missle and defend it
to shut down the air front. And as said before the two non ground fronts are also
pointless because of the lack of ability to accomplish anything except losing money that
could be used on the ground front

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