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3 Player FFA (Design Map by spankyman)
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Rating: 6.50 in 8 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
spankyman (05/27/2006 07:07pm):
Another simple 3 player - land sea air map.
this one has more ocean to manuever in than the last.
I think this should be played with FOW.

jhuni (08/16/2006 12:32am):
OS is way advantaged
117113 (02/11/2008 11:04am):
very unbalanced
KefkaPalazzo (06/07/2008 06:30pm):
OS already has strong influence over about half the map, effectively screwing GE and BM.
This map would honestly work better as a 4P map, with each army in a corner.
Madd Maxx (02/16/2015 03:46am):
8/10 .

10/10 if blue and green further from each other

Good job
Xmo5 (02/16/2018 01:25pm):

Congratulations, weary walker, you've stumbled across one of the select few maps, hand
picked to be part of my scavenger hunt. If you can decipher my clues, you'll make it to
the end soon enough. In fact, you're only one away from the next clue. Good luck!

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