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3 Player FFA (Design Map by spankyman)
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Rating: 6.50 in 8 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
spankyman (05/27/2006 07:07pm):
Another simple 3 player - land sea air map.
this one has more ocean to manuever in than the last.
I think this should be played with FOW.

jhuni (08/16/2006 12:32am):
OS is way advantaged
117113 (02/11/2008 11:04am):
very unbalanced
KefkaPalazzo (06/07/2008 06:30pm):
OS already has strong influence over about half the map, effectively screwing GE and BM.
This map would honestly work better as a 4P map, with each army in a corner.
Madd Maxx (02/16/2015 03:46am):
8/10 .

10/10 if blue and green further from each other

Good job

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