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AW2 Campaign Map (Design Map by Mr. Cannon)
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Rating: 6.80 in 5 ratings
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Mr. Cannon (06/01/2006 11:01am):
This is the AW2 Campaign Map. The only thing its missing is Black Hole.

Note. For realism ban all BH CO's.

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Kiyobi (06/01/2006 03:15pm):
Feels a bit skewed.
And at first glance, YC looks REALLY crammed in.
Shaky_Alliance01 (06/01/2006 05:02pm):
Kiyobi, you have to remember that on the aw2 world map that yellow comet's area was
really small.
Kiyobi (06/01/2006 07:15pm):
I'm well aware of that. I'm trying to say that since it's so small... is it fair?
Shaky_Alliance01 (06/01/2006 07:53pm):
It probably is fair because in all 3 games so far YC has had the smallest country.
Mr. Cannon (06/02/2006 09:56am):
Beleive me. YC has a pretty good location. they can mobilize troops alot faster than the other
Island. Also yea i know there a bit cramped in. i'll add a couple of little islands around.
sirfuxalot (06/05/2006 09:45pm):
You should get rid of the missiles they're just annoying and the map isnt big enough for
them. That's a creative map and will probably work well but YC is in for a hard fight. 8/10
Mr. Cannon (06/06/2006 10:01am):
Ok. next chance i get ill remove the missile silo's.

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