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Eurowar!!!!!! (Design Map by )
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Rating: 5.09 in 55 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
(07/29/2005 04:34pm):
I wouldn't want to be Blue Moon.. And in my opinion, you should have made Ireland and/or
Iceland a new country.
BlitzStrike (07/29/2005 04:58pm):
rather grouped together dont you think?
(07/29/2005 06:16pm):
Balancing is WAY off. BM starts with nothing, and can be routed fairly early. And BH can
easily wipe out YC early. Unless YC builds a B copter 2nd turn, BH gets their airport.
And it is just basically biased towards BH. They can afford to build a B Copter to take out
any attempts by OS on the neutral base. I notice who you picked.... Here's property count.

OS - 8
BM - 6
GE - 7
YC - 9
BH - 12
Riukken (07/30/2005 01:29pm):
You gave Blue Moon a disadvantage. Blue Moon is too spread out. It is a little bland too. You
should have gave them more mountains and woods after all that is mainly Russia. Black Hole
is too strong he will take out Orange Star and Yellow Comet by day five. You should have
made Iceland a country too. 6 out of 10
(08/24/2005 01:54pm):
I think the purpose that Blue Moon is so spread out is to reflect the relatively long
moblization period that Russia experinced during WWII. But that's just me.
Darkside007 (09/30/2005 01:58pm):
BM not only doesn't start with much, they also don't have access to anything. BH can
secure the Nordic area rather quickly, as well as rush OS and YC effectively. Map is broken.
DrainDemios (10/01/2005 03:01pm):
I like the concept, but I don't think it's practical enough to be playable.
Hiochi (10/28/2005 03:05pm):
Blue Moon is screwed...

Yellow Comet and Orange Star have a good chance of being wiped by Black Hole...

And Green Earth is only safe from Black Hole for so long (and is the only one with a real
chance against Black Hole... but that's in a best case of expert vs newb scenario)
Here2Die (11/21/2005 09:30am):
BM should have maybe had some infantry units to start, or even some more blank cities. It's
a very one sided game unless OS and YC work together. Change this even slightly, BH
having less cities/ bases/ other, OS YC BM and GE having more, even better landscaping
(mountains especially in Russia) would have improved this map.
I'd say about a 4/10 because you kept Ireland and England
AdvanceBurns37 (12/05/2005 05:00pm):
Blue Moon is a really thought out place! It will be wiped out as fast as you thought of it!

Orange Star and Yellow Comet is nice. A nice place to get wiped out by Black Hole!

Green Earth poses the only threat to Black Hole. That threat wont be there for long!

Unless it is a 4 against 1, BH has the total advantage over the field! Or 2 vs. 2 vs. 1 (OS and
YC vs. BM and GE vs. BH) Unless you start out with a lot of funds, BH can easily take
control of YC! When you said you dont want to be BM, I say I dont want to be anyone except
the guy who is BH!
PAChen (12/08/2005 05:13am):
Just like WWII
Rafas (12/12/2005 09:31am):
great map and good balace
Nahbien (12/12/2005 10:15am):
Not very balanced at all for the reasons stated above.
golden_cow2 (12/12/2005 02:48pm):
Make the map bigger to space the countries more.
warhammer158 (12/14/2005 02:37pm):
there are too many open spaces in russia close them up russua will either win or lose.
GaoGaoStegosaurus (12/14/2005 03:04pm):
Mother Russia needs more properties, dang it--just look at all that useless empty space there!
jamro1149 (12/15/2005 01:42pm):
love it!, just put BH in Scandinavia and give everyone equal propitys and I could be staring at
a 10/10 but with one prob, eveyone will wanna be GE! (or black whole if they r from da US)
jouke1991 (12/30/2005 08:58am):
This map is cool
Wulfgar3 (01/12/2006 05:46pm):
The map is great!!! In my oppion it looks like your mabye going for a 3vs2. that would work.
BH+BM vs every one else
Mr. Warhammer (01/22/2006 07:10am):
BH must be POLAND(!)
ShadowedTruths7 (02/23/2006 03:09pm):
eh it looks more like YC+BH would be a better 3v2... i mean think of WWII... italy and germany
where allied while france england and russia where allied. the map makes sense once you
think about it
mamoth (03/21/2006 12:49am):
wheres norway?
Data (10/01/2006 09:06am):
should have added more mountains and forest in russia... atleast on the border with
everyone else...
and, ya, WWII scenario would be ok, just add another country with some units on transports
to represent America and make it 4 vs 2... maybe then a bit more advanatage to BH... maybe..
jhuni (07/27/2007 06:35pm):
I sincerly floccinaucinihiliplificate the horrendousness of this map; however, it is an admirable
attempt to make a good map based on the time frame of its current design/.
_Corsair_ (09/05/2007 06:14pm):
This map is meant to be played as Axis (Germany and Italy) vs. Allies (Russia, England,
and France). IMHO Axis has the advantage, but either side can definitely win. A great
map for 2 on 3 team play.
lindsay40k (02/16/2008 04:02pm):
How's about beefing up France and adding Spain as a third Axis power? To say how long
Franco held on to power, it's surprising how often he's left off the historical role call
of fascist b*stards.
joemancan (03/07/2008 04:49pm):
If you want a WWII sim you'd have to give the allies some sorta balencer right now a BH
recon rush screws russia and france. mabye make poland and messina seprate to slow the
BH blitzkrig a bit and change Iberia so france can retreat a bit, and some forest in russia
couldn't hurt but you got the geography right, now you need to balence.
gamernl (03/13/2009 05:36am):
there are a lot of spaces not needed =(
Pebe (06/07/2009 12:20pm):
Blue moon is the first one who will lose after few days. And U should have moved BH and YC a little, that BH is half
in sweden and half in denmark, and YC would be in Greece. BM should have more propeties :/
Fulgrims Ninja (11/03/2013 04:22am):
An obvious 3v2 that is team reliant. Most people are idiots and either don't see that or
like to troll. If your team sucks you will lose and if your team is better tactical then
you will win. It is plain as day and no amount of number crunching can dictate anything
with so many variables.

P.S. Too many biatches playing with no fog and normal weather conditions. Seriously, why
the hell would you have all the intel in the world and why would things be perfect? Grow
some balls and play a real game!
dudeman33 (07/03/2017 04:49pm):
so terrible

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