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Illusion (Design Map by ID s Maps)
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Rating: 7.90 in 41 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
LuminescentSword (09/08/2006 02:48pm):
Unfortunately, no matter what you say, some idiot will come in and vote a 1.
ID s Maps (09/08/2006 06:39pm):
Ok, finished for now. Don't go complaing about FTA, becasue it is nearly impossible to
balance a map like this, but I tried to counter it by giving the last 4 countries an extra
HQ (1000 funds).
LuminescentSword (09/08/2006 09:22pm):
Whoah. That's pretty cool. And no one even rated it a one yet!

I give it an 8.
Patashu Mapmule I (09/09/2006 01:19am):
Best map idea in a while.
SourSlurpee (09/09/2006 08:10am):
it hurts my brain, in a good way
MoonShard (09/09/2006 08:52am):
I rated it a 9, good map.
isuck (09/09/2006 09:29am):
10. This is a nice map and FTA wouldn't really apply since you can virtually go anywhere. =D
jhuni (09/09/2006 10:25am):
Well its a nice idea despite the fact a mech can attack virtually anything on the map and
major IMBA.
sirfuxalot (09/14/2006 05:49pm):
You could balance it more by making the teams have a fair turn order.
xeniox (09/14/2006 07:48pm):
Great idea but it might have been a good idea to make the squares a little bigger so that movement and
strategy came into play more. At the moment cranking mechs and megatanks is prettymuch the way to go for

kanatu (09/16/2006 07:50pm):
I see OS, BM, GE, and YC going for the four bases near the top-right. And capturing it
without fail, too. This is truely FTA, even for this kind of map.
bakabonest (10/04/2006 09:54pm):

Why would capturing the four bases near the top-right be an advantage? In this map, it
doesn't really matter which bases you capture.

I just noticed, on this map you could just stall without making any units and not lose. I'd add a
starting infantry on each of the bases, since that's what people'll be making on the first turn

Last Edited on 10/04/2006 10:01pm
Excaliber (10/05/2006 12:24pm):
No, someone can just use an artillary.

LuminescentSword (10/15/2006 01:11pm):
You're not getting the point.

The HQs are uncapturable, so if you don't build a unit, you can't lose by rout or HQ capture.
_Corsair_ (10/30/2007 12:39pm):
Yes, but that can happen on any map with uncappable HQs (there are many), and you'd have
to plan on doing that from your very first move. Who would join a game not planning to
play at all?
OutlawFurey (07/21/2008 06:14pm):
I like the way this map looks, though the bases in the top right irk me. I don't think FTA
is that much of a problem because the first few moves are relatively equal. I'd love to
play a game on this to see how it works then design my own map based on this concept.
Punintended (07/22/2008 11:47am):
Just imagine trying to find a sub on this map...
*Zap* (07/22/2008 02:18pm):
imagine a labyrinth of subs... ... ... ...SUBS!!!!... ... !...!...... ... ... ...!...
Shadow Golem (12/04/2008 09:46pm):
the more serious concern is that a player could just build a sub, and dive it on one of
their ports, they couldn't lose at that point. (since most if not all of the ports are
landlocked[in that they have no neighboring sea tiles] and only a couple of direct attack
sea units can attack subs)
Last Edited on 12/04/2008 09:48pm
ichbinsehselber (12/17/2017 08:29pm):
The game on the map did not seem to work. Movement just resulted in a page crash and with
the second attempt with an end turn of the infantry.
IPS (02/20/2018 08:09pm):
I do like the idea of the completely immortal B.Ship near of some of the HQ's... the map
needs fix, but the concept seems interesting. Ofc if you plat it in Fog of War.
Last Edited on 02/20/2018 08:10pm

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