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Illusion (Design Map by ID s Maps)
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Rating: 8.43 in 35 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
LuminescentSword (09/08/2006 02:48pm):
Unfortunately, no matter what you say, some idiot will come in and vote a 1.
ID s Maps (09/08/2006 06:39pm):
Ok, finished for now. Don't go complaing about FTA, becasue it is nearly impossible to
balance a map like this, but I tried to counter it by giving the last 4 countries an extra
HQ (1000 funds).
LuminescentSword (09/08/2006 09:22pm):
Whoah. That's pretty cool. And no one even rated it a one yet!

I give it an 8.
Patashu Mapmule I (09/09/2006 01:19am):
Best map idea in a while.
SourSlurpee (09/09/2006 08:10am):
it hurts my brain, in a good way
MoonShard (09/09/2006 08:52am):
I rated it a 9, good map.
isuck (09/09/2006 09:29am):
10. This is a nice map and FTA wouldn't really apply since you can virtually go anywhere. =D
jhuni (09/09/2006 10:25am):
Well its a nice idea despite the fact a mech can attack virtually anything on the map and
major IMBA.
sirfuxalot (09/14/2006 05:49pm):
You could balance it more by making the teams have a fair turn order.
xeniox (09/14/2006 07:48pm):
Great idea but it might have been a good idea to make the squares a little bigger so that movement and
strategy came into play more. At the moment cranking mechs and megatanks is prettymuch the way to go for

kanatu (09/16/2006 07:50pm):
I see OS, BM, GE, and YC going for the four bases near the top-right. And capturing it
without fail, too. This is truely FTA, even for this kind of map.
bakabonest (10/04/2006 09:54pm):

Why would capturing the four bases near the top-right be an advantage? In this map, it
doesn't really matter which bases you capture.

I just noticed, on this map you could just stall without making any units and not lose. I'd add a
starting infantry on each of the bases, since that's what people'll be making on the first turn

Last Edited on 10/04/2006 10:01pm
Excaliber (10/05/2006 12:24pm):
No, someone can just use an artillary.

LuminescentSword (10/15/2006 01:11pm):
You're not getting the point.

The HQs are uncapturable, so if you don't build a unit, you can't lose by rout or HQ capture.
_Corsair_ (10/30/2007 12:39pm):
Yes, but that can happen on any map with uncappable HQs (there are many), and you'd have
to plan on doing that from your very first move. Who would join a game not planning to
play at all?
OutlawFurey (07/21/2008 06:14pm):
I like the way this map looks, though the bases in the top right irk me. I don't think FTA
is that much of a problem because the first few moves are relatively equal. I'd love to
play a game on this to see how it works then design my own map based on this concept.
Punintended (07/22/2008 11:47am):
Just imagine trying to find a sub on this map...
*Zap* (07/22/2008 02:18pm):
imagine a labyrinth of subs... ... ... ...SUBS!!!!... ... !...!...... ... ... ...!...
Shadow Golem (12/04/2008 09:46pm):
the more serious concern is that a player could just build a sub, and dive it on one of
their ports, they couldn't lose at that point. (since most if not all of the ports are
landlocked[in that they have no neighboring sea tiles] and only a couple of direct attack
sea units can attack subs)
Last Edited on 12/04/2008 09:48pm
ichbinsehselber (12/17/2017 08:29pm):
The game on the map did not seem to work. Movement just resulted in a page crash and with
the second attempt with an end turn of the infantry.

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