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The Contested Fjord (Design Map by MorganLeah)
Categories: Casual Play

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Rating: 8.83 in 6 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
MorganLeah (09/26/2006 08:34pm):
All right, here's the new version of this map. I believe that all of the outstanding
issues have been fixed, and that it is now fair and balanced. Be sure to let me know if
you see anything else.

Issues fixed include: Port and island rearrangement to prevent RF from reaching the top
airport quickly, some rearrangement of terrain on JS's land, and some changes to the
right side of the map to help balance out FTA.
Last Edited on 11/02/2006 08:55pm
MorganLeah (11/15/2006 06:25am):
Ok, now it's been, um, re-fixed. Basically, bases were cut down, and more terrain fiddling
to balance turn order better was done.
jhuni (11/15/2006 06:30pm):
Base-heavy, and consists of what are mostly asymmetric-imbalances, in conjunctio n with
the FTA. RF is conspiciously greatly advantaged in this map, with a significant spatial
advantage, and FTA. 7/10, sorry.
MorganLeah (02/12/2011 07:39pm):
Just did some updating on this.
Changes include cutting back on the mountain range in the lower right, opening up the
river chokepoint, removing the upper right inlet to open up the path to JS's base better,
moving around the neutral bases to try to make that distribution more even, and adding
more properties.

Since this map is very nonsymmetrical, its balance is almost impossible to gauge just by
looking at it. I plan on playtesting this quite a bit.
walkerboh01 (02/13/2011 11:20am):
Oh one another thing you should change is to move the airports further apart (at least 10
spaces) due to fighter interference.
MorganLeah (02/13/2011 01:34pm):
Airports separated.

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