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Bridge of War (Design Map by Doghealer66)
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Rating: 6.00 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Doghealer66 (09/28/2006 08:00pm):
NOTE TO ALL: This map plays seriously in favor of a Grit player playing any other CO. (At
least, to my anylisis so far, after me taking two turns and my opponent taking one) I would
advise you to ban Grit from a game on this map.

I'd just like to make a quick note: This is a map that I designed in the DS game itself. (note the
20x30 frame) It was unnamed, however. I had to give it some name, Bridge of War came to

Anyway, there are two differences between my DS map and this map: First of all that in the
DS, each team has 18 Ooziums to spaces above and below the Infantry and APC units.
Secondly, I switched the positions of each HQ and a city, both on the same horizontal line as
the center of the bridge. This was simply so the gigantic HQ sprite wouldn't get in the way of
clicking the base just one space north and keep you from building there.

The main reason I designed this map in the first place is because my strong point is narrow
areas. I thought, why not make a map where almost the ENTIRE THING is narrow? Watch out
when I'm on this map!

Anyway, have fun!

Also, in the spirit of being fair, I did not give my own map a rating.

...There! Done flipping stuff around. I made various changes...

1. I moved the pipes next to the bridge, instead of having a row of sea between them and
the bridge. I found it next to impossible to kill a piperunner. In doing this, I also moved the
bases closer to the HQ, so that piperunners could still access the pipes.

2. I nuetralized six cities on each side. They are still within the HQ's vicinity, so capturing
them should just take time.

3. I replaced the silos with nuetral airports and seaports, and also added shoals on the land.

4. I put a neutral base along each pipe, and made them lander-unloading-accessable with the

5. Reefs!
Last Edited on 10/02/2006 09:10pm
jhuni (09/28/2006 09:40pm):
LOL!!!11!!11!!!!11 LOL!!!11!!1 this is not a good example to follow eh .
This map needs to be totaly redone add reefs take off missile silos all of the predopleyed
units add extra citie fta balance fix terrain more cities terrain variety and alot more.
jhuni (09/28/2006 09:42pm):
~double post deleted
Last Edited on 09/28/2006 09:42pm
Doghealer66 (09/29/2006 01:33pm):
K, thanks for the comment. I'm new here, don't expect me to be able to know everything.

First of all, reefs are completely unnessicary, since there are no seaports. The only thing
reefs actually affect anyway are naval units, anyway, so the performance of the map
would be the same.

Second of all, there are already plenty cities. Each team starts with 9. With 1000 income per
property, that's 14000 per day from the start. If anything, cities should be REMOVED, and not

Finally, I like missile silos. :) They help to counteract the predeployed units anyway if you use
them quickly.

I may change it up a bit, but not before I finish a war I started on it.
thegrahamvan (09/30/2006 08:54pm):
well theres definately too many missle silos here (it only took me 3 missles to cripple
the bulk of your army, and by day 2 i had my SCOP charged, but i only needed to use my COP
to kill your neotanks and other reinforcements)

on your first comment that i just now read, you mention that grit is overpowered here,
which is completely true. this map is pretty much a huge chokepoint, similar to bean
island. any member of the broken trio is extremely overpowered in just about any map and
they should have been banned anyways (colin, hachi, grit)

jhuni makes alot of good points, but he was saying that blue moon should start off with a
few more cities in their control to balance out the fact that reds day one comes before
blues day one.

as for the reefs, i think that would just make the map look less boring to look at, as it
is just a giant bridge and alot of water

edit:if neither of us were grit we'd just blow the crap out of each other with missles and
then it would be pretty much a stalemate
Last Edited on 09/30/2006 09:21pm

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