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1vs1 Battlefield (Design Map by Bil_Diewalk)
Categories: A-Rank

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Ratings go from 1 (awful) to 10 (near perfect).
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Rating: 6.77 in 13 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
jhuni (11/18/2006 02:01pm):
The existance of 1-base-1-infantry conceptual STA has been proved. Balancing FTA with
a infantry under these circumstances doesn't work, and there's a lack of neatrul properties.

_________8/10 -- STA._________
Last Edited on 11/18/2006 02:02pm
Bil_Diewalk (01/13/2007 08:47am):
CAause there isnt any fight for some incom in the very middle, FTA or STA isnt really
important. its a long way for the infantry to get to anywhere on the AB side. and
additionally this infantry has no ability to capture anything before a recon could stop it.
think about that next time
Bil_Diewalk (06/18/2007 12:49pm):
edited the map
added airports and labs. As well countered the STA
jhuni (07/07/2007 06:24pm):
I think it would probably be fair to up my rating to 10/10.
Nyvelion (07/28/2007 08:24am):
I think it would definitely be fair to call jhuni a moron and recommend that you undo
whatever change he recommended.
Last Edited on 07/28/2007 08:24am
jhuni (07/29/2007 05:46am):
Please ignore nyvelion she doesn't know what she is talking about. I have a website and I
guide to explain these things if you don't believe me.

Nvyelion is just one of those people who follows along and is very calmniatory and annoying.
nerd-boy (07/29/2007 08:39am):
Actually, I agree with Nyv. Just because you have a website doesn't mean you know what
you're talking about.

As for the map, I think that it needs a few more forests and a few less roads.
DuelStriker (08/03/2007 08:02am):
*agrees with nerd-boy and Nyvelion*
Bil_Diewalk (08/14/2007 10:37am):
If you jerks really think that FTA doesn't exist, please shut up and play a bit more.
Nyvelion (09/01/2007 07:55am):
What do you know about map making? You listen to jhuni of all people. That's not very
Last Edited on 09/23/2007 02:32pm
Bil_Diewalk (10/21/2007 12:31pm):
It is. Unlike you, he has arguments for his opinion.
Harti1990 (05/01/2008 02:03pm):
Make the cities neutral to avoid Recon rush.
Dhomochevsky (05/02/2008 09:14am):
Recon rush to where, exactly??
zywxn (05/08/2008 08:45am):
I am not too sure abou the map's original looks but then Koal will be crazy about this map so it
is better to remove unnecessary roads instead of relying on game creators to ban him. Also,
there is no point of labs if both teams are going to capture their opponent's labs so it would
be better if their was a neutral lab in the middle. Also, put the Com tower in the middle instead
of 3squares out for better fighting and battles. Neutral properties are useless if both teams
start with loads and too many means too many funds anyways. As well as that my research
on jhuni allows me to evaluate that he is obsessed with random unnecessary overcrowding
properties. Recon rush can happen as roads are their domain and their high movement can
be very effective, but can be easily countered by recons and tanks.

As well as that Nyvelion and DuelStriker are respectable members of the AWBW community
and other than Nyvelion's abstractness you can rely on their tips and strategies.
Quite good, but could do with improvements.

rast2 (05/19/2008 04:29pm):
The labs are just flat out dumb.

The double columns of roads are bad also.
Bil_Diewalk (06/07/2008 11:02am):
the labs are there. period.

then, there's no recon rush, obviously the com towers are well placed, I don't care for
shitty Koal and I will remove 2 roads after my testgame is over.

PS: Nyvelion is irational and DuelStriker is a bad awbw player
Bil_Diewalk (06/16/2008 02:09pm):
terrain edit
DuelStriker (07/15/2008 01:40pm):
PS: Nyvelion is irational and DuelStriker is a bad awbw player

Agalyz (06/28/2010 08:03pm):
when we go to pllay

Agalyz (06/28/2010 08:17pm):
wht re te controls i dont now how to create and move

walkerboh01 (10/04/2011 09:00pm):
It's a nice enough map. I'm not a huge fan of the contested towers or forward airports, but it
should play alright. 8/10.
Roswell the Black Rose (02/19/2012 02:34am):
yeah agreed on walker. as my experience on this map. the contested tower and
airports are problems. also 3 bases are a bit too much for such map size. 7/10

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