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Golden Land (The Triforce) (Design Map by AsaLothario)
Categories: Sprite

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Rating: 7.69 in 16 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
(06/26/2005 08:38am):
NIce done.... and it's kinda balanced... OS has to wait some turns to move out of its
Island but has the easiest/quickest way to capture all buildings on his Island, Blues and
Greens can conquer quickly the airport islands but will have to wait more turns to capture
all buildings on their Islands. A map where air and sea units have an important role and
surely difficult to conquer each other... 8/10 because its balanced and I like Zelda :P
AsaLothario (07/01/2005 12:29am):
the goal of this map was to pay tribute to the legend of zelda in the best way i could. not
only did i mimic the shape of the triforce, but i also gave each island their own
characteristics. for example, the top island represents the triforce fragment of power that
ganondorf holds. the balance in strength and quickness to seize the island, gives the
sweeping characters the most advantage out of the situation.

my personal favorite is the green, especially on fog of war and sonja, my lady co of
Dullahan (07/09/2005 12:24am):
I just played a game here, and Grit is really really effective late game if the other
players don't manage to take him out. That said, I do like this map quite a bit, although
OS is at somewhat of a disadvantage since they tend to get sandwiched and wiped out of
existence (mostly because they're in the middle of the map).
(08/17/2005 07:26pm):
Why does BM only get one base to start?
smans (09/30/2005 12:13pm):
cuz they are the only one who starts wit a port

Kaminosai (11/29/2005 08:29am):
Well this certainly beats the hell out of mine.
AsaLothario (01/18/2006 07:55am):
I'm thinking about restructuring this map minorly and adding piplines to surround the airports,
and maybe have a missile silo land in the center heavily guarded with pipes/seams as well
Last Edited on 01/18/2006 07:55am

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