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Halo: Blood gulch (Design Map by deathman_350)
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deathman_350 (12/05/2006 04:51pm):
so this a simple copy of the halo 2 map coagulation or halo 1 map blood gulch

units that i think is the closest to their halo counterparts so if you want a game like
this use only these units
A-air (warthog)
tank (gauss warthog)
medium tank (scorpion)
neotank (wraith)
recon (ghost)
figher (pelican)
bomber (phantom)
chopper (banshee)
APC (shadow)
transport chopper(covenant dropship-halo 1 campaign)
megatank (scarab)

i let you guys the choice of the funds but i suggest 2000
Last Edited on 12/05/2006 04:52pm
darthnoob (05/27/2007 01:33pm):
What happened to the soldiers?
Zinco (08/21/2008 10:49pm):
WTF in AW there isn't any "choper"

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