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2 vs 1: Four Way (Design Map by Kekkimaru)
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Kekkimaru (01/01/2007 06:02pm):
I hope it's fun. It looks like it would be a nice FoW map doesn't it?
Valet of Vitriol (01/01/2007 06:39pm):
Neutral properties?

You made the two allies brokenly powerful with two Com Towers versus zero... Also, the
lack of really good use for ports - especially for, say, cutting off BH funding on the islands -
makes baby Sasha cry.
Kekkimaru (01/01/2007 08:20pm):
I'll remove them D=. I made it to be more of an advantage for BH, so they could use
Battleships or whatever to cover both PC and OS's Hq's
Valet of Vitriol (01/01/2007 08:35pm):
BH can't reach PC and OS's HQs, not with land blocking the whole map. The only way BH
would reach the HQs is to demolish their mainland bases and seize the airports.
Kekkimaru (01/01/2007 09:03pm):
Exactly. I don't want it to be easy for BH =3

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