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Collective - Grind (Design Map by Sean Et Cetera)
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Sean Et Cetera (01/20/2007 08:19pm):
First, credit where credit is due. This is based on this map -
http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php?maps_id=21529 - done by sirfuxalot.

Since it's meant to be played left versus right, the teams are OS + YC + RF versus BM + GE
+ BH.

My friend wanted to do a left vs right game, but thought that the upper right and lower
left players would be too isolated. As a result, I moved them both towards the horizontal
center. I added a couple other properties for the sake of funds, so that in order to have
more funds without having to have a large starting value or high per property value.

I replaced some of the empty silos with armed ones, and added two com towers.
Last Edited on 01/20/2007 08:31pm

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