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2 Islands War (Design Map by Nobody)
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Rating: 8.04 in 27 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Paul.Power (05/20/2007 07:51am):
I think you've done a little bit too much to counter FTA there with BM's extra city.
Maybe give an extra starting property or two to each side, to "swamp" the extra city a little.

The centre of the map is Chokepoint Heaven, although this is countered to a degree by the
ports and airports. It's also nice to see multiple ways through.

I can't fault the terrain balance and variety, and the positioning of the bases "feels" good

Nobody (05/28/2007 11:51am):
i think i will put the BM extra city near the OS base, so OS can capture it fast ^^
Princess Melon (06/15/2007 06:48pm):
Put an extra set of bridges on the top and bottom ones and you should be okay
Nobody (06/21/2007 01:53pm):
Yeah, to kill those chokepoints, this is a good idea melon :) i will change this as soon
as possible.
jhuni (07/07/2007 06:30pm):
Fix the chokepoints and I give it a 10/10.
Nobody (07/14/2007 03:22pm):
i fixed those chokepoints, any other suggestions? :)
The Shifting Shadows (08/29/2007 04:22pm):
DuelStriker (08/30/2007 07:40am):
I see nothing wrong with it. It's perfectly terrained and balanced 10/10
dboy (10/28/2007 07:58pm):
yes, it's balanced; but there's nothing to fight for in the middle - there's no incentive to go
over to the other side... it is too perfectly symmetrical!

Kaellidan (10/31/2007 10:47am):
problem: fog of war+weather=rain
Orange star couldn't see that city O_O
DuelStriker (11/05/2007 07:22pm):
Guys, are you crazy? 3/10?????? dboy, what's wrong with it being symmetrical? Also,
there is something to fight for in the center, just because those cities are directly centered
doesn't mean there's nothing in the center. There is an incentive to go to the other side, more
properties and to actually fight. And Kaellidan, just because OS couldn't see the city it gets a
Tyrael (05/31/2008 12:25pm):
FTA now.
Falconewing (07/19/2009 10:18am):
I see no more problems.10

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