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Bent Out of Shape. (Design Map by nerd-boy)
Categories: Casual Play

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Rating: 6.70 in 30 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
nerd-boy (05/18/2007 06:19pm):
Thanks to Taz, I was able to reproduce this map after the server crash, and since there
were no games on it, I made some edits:
1)More Forests.
2)More Mountains.
Comment at your leisure.
Last Edited on 05/20/2007 10:37am
RTS20K (05/19/2007 03:33pm):
The FUCK is this...
nerd-boy (05/19/2007 04:14pm):
OK, it's fixed now.
Last Edited on 05/20/2007 10:38am
Ratatoskr (05/20/2007 01:15pm):
Still gotta fix that river by BM's encircled base.

I don't know how I feel about the forests... I guess we outta playtest again.
Taz (05/22/2007 06:06pm):
I think it's nice. At any rate, it gets a 10 from me.

Kamuscha (06/01/2007 02:26pm):
I like the map, but am not sure about the FTA part for the center cities......
nerd-boy (06/11/2007 09:09pm):
How do you mean?
Bid2782 (04/07/2008 08:57pm):
too bad
Ducky (05/10/2008 06:37pm):

nerd-boy (05/11/2008 07:58pm):
sulla (06/07/2008 03:15pm):
This is bland.
blanci1 (09/02/2008 06:13pm):
yeah it kinda looks blandy and with quite a lot of road and isolated clumps of trees ...
somehow its different ....... so even though its not arty and also looks thrown together in a
rush ... i think it may require unusual gameplays .... so i m gonna give it a run out .... i think
my recons are gonna forget fighting and be just doing circuit racing !! ... in fact im gonna see
how many laps i can do during an actual game. :)
Meta Rexy (11/19/2008 10:11pm):
I don't like how you surrounded the neutral bases with rivers so you're basically forced
to produce infantry to get your forces ahead fast... Use at least one bridge so players
won't be tormented by the terrain...
Good otherwise. 8
nerd-boy (11/21/2008 08:35pm):
There's been a bridge there for a while now.
blanci1 (02/01/2009 12:31am):
has this map been edited a load? .... anyway present map version seems very interesting ....
with the circuit roads and the wierd factory on the pier.... looks like plenty of possible
strategies possible = good fun too.
twistedsaint08 (05/19/2009 05:08pm):

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