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City Turf (Design Map by )
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Rating: 7.00 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Dullahan (09/09/2005 08:49pm):
Hachi and Sensei paradise =D
Sami, Kanbei, and Lash aren't too shabby either.
Edi (10/24/2005 02:15pm):
kindle ftw
sensei, lash, hachi too
Nyvelion (12/11/2005 08:46pm):
screw that, koal rules on the other half of the tiles.
lazernerd (02/17/2006 04:55pm):
Sensei, Hachi, Kindle, Sami, Koal heaven...
Last Edited on 02/17/2006 05:29pm
COeagle (05/29/2006 10:37pm):
Sensei, Koal, Kindle, and Max = Instant Win/10

My rating is a 6.
matchet (05/01/2017 07:04pm):
Simple and not-serious game. The followings COs should be banned (or, dont ban anyone,
since there is enough variety within the ban list):
- Sami
- Kanbey
- Lash
- Sensei
- Hachi
- Kindle
- Koal
- Grit

If I get a Fog: On game someday, I'll return to rate it

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