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Let's Kill Melon Land (Design Map by SmackCakes)
Categories: A-Rank, Mixed Base

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Rating: 8.39 in 71 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
Tyrael (01/13/2008 03:53pm):
Great justice/10
DuelStriker (01/19/2008 01:08pm):
Actually rated/10
Harti1990 (02/13/2008 07:25am):
The little islands could be just a little more worth to ship there.
Otherwise very great map.

Last Edited on 08/18/2008 07:56am
rast2 (02/27/2008 04:47pm):
too many factories

SmackCakes (02/29/2008 09:29pm):
It is frustrating when you put a lot of thought and care into a map, just to have someone
turn up and put no thought into their criticism of it.

To be honest this map has exactly the number of factories I wanted for it to have, and
which I believe it needs in order to accommodate its size and the multiple fronts. Also
note that the bases are spread out, and arranged so that they are roughly 2 v 2 which is
fairly standard.

Should I now go and ignorantly down vote your 35 Squares map which you are so proud of,
for being "too small"? Or for having "too many bases" as bases make up 11% of all tiles
and 30% of all properties on that map (compared to only 2% tiles and 18% properties on
Melon Land)

I will spare you such pettiness, other than to link your map here, so that any who read
your comments can judge for themselves...

Last Edited on 03/01/2008 11:17pm
rast2 (03/11/2008 05:42pm):
7/10 is above average.
I'm not a "no obvious flaws, 9/10" type voter like some.
I still think it has too many factories.
Played the map once in league. It was OK but my opponent was noob so I'd have to play
more before I change my opinion much.

Don't care what you vote on 35 squares, not like you can lower the rating much. I'm the only
one who makes games on it but:
- I never have trouble getting opponents
- It's fun and fast
- I haven't had complaints from people who actually play the map.
SmackCakes (03/12/2008 02:50pm):
To be honest this is my favourite of all my maps, in some ways I would rather people
didn't comment on it at all, I'm not looking for feedback, I like it fine exactly how it is.

Some people have said nice things about it and even rated it 10. Which I do appreciate. It
makes me happy that other people enjoy it too.

Your comment doesn't make me happy though. When I read it all I see is you defacing
something that I like. You didn't even bother to justify yourself or balance it with
anything positive.

Why not just say "It's shit"? "This map is shit, it has too many bases, no one should ever
play it" why not just say that? Because in all honesty I wouldn't have found that any less
spiteful that what you did say.

I liked this page more before you found it. I liked this map more before I had to post
here to defend it. And the rating was higher without your 'above average' 7

Your coming here has been nothing but bad. I would rather you had just closed the window
and kept your opinions to yourself.
rast2 (03/12/2008 04:00pm):
Sorry, I'm not here to make you happy.

"7/10, too many bases" is a reasonable comment. It isn't wildly positive, but it isn't rude or
disrespectful the way "1/10 this is shit noone should play it" would be. If you can't tell the
difference between those two comments, the problem is you, not me. If you get upset
because one person gives a 7 to your map that everyone else gave 9 or 10 to, the problem
is you, not me. If you think my comment somehow defaces your map, the problem is you,
not me.
SmackCakes (03/18/2008 03:42pm):
The structure of the map is basically 2 identical islands. Each Island has two bases per
side and one neutral. That is actually less then most A-Rank maps which tend to have 2

So I don't see how your comment is justified unless you believe all maps have too many bases?

The problem is not me, the problem is you. I have not ever seen you say any thing which
wasn't critical, rude and generally negative. Neither here nor on the forum.

I would like to know what exactly makes you think you have the right to go round telling
people so arrogantly that they have 'too many bases' or that things aren't being run properly?

What have you done which is so great? What makes you such an expert? It certainly isn't
your maps.
Heartless rockzorz (03/26/2008 11:38pm):
Rast, I don't think Smack has a problem with getting a 7. I think what he has a problem with is
the fact that your critic of the map is just a single useless sentence. Saying only the
negatives in a map comment is the best way to get hated. Just look at what happened to
jhuni before he started spamming his thesaurus. He gave useful tips, but because he
concentrated on the flaws, he was and is still probably one of the most hated users.

Try something like: This map seems interesting, but I think it has too many bases. That way,
poor ol' Smacky won't want your entrails for dinner with your blood to drink.

Oh and BTW, I gave jhuni as an example of someone giving useful tips, but most of yours
suck anyway :P You're basicly telling everyone to follow the 2 base + inf + maybe a neutral
base formula that new map makers should actually avoid. It's very possible that a map that
doesn't follow the formula is fair and fun. From past experience, I can tell that not trying to
find something new is a direct was to become an awful map maker.
DuelStriker (03/28/2008 05:42pm):
I don't see how it's base heavy. Considering the amount of funds on this map, and the
number of fronts to defend, there's just enough bases.
rast2 (03/28/2008 06:10pm):
OK point taken Heartless. Though presumably the map maker would already know what's
good about the map... ;-)

Smack, you still need to learn to deal with criticism. I make a negative comment about your
map and you break out the personal attacks, hyperbole, and lies.
Ducky (04/09/2008 07:34pm):
Lets all complain about the maps that the game actually has in it's list for having the bases
that they do next.
DuelStriker (04/16/2008 06:28pm):
Or not.
Bil_Diewalk (04/26/2008 11:39am):
cool map
fun to play
no stalemates
ratatoskr lost on it in the 3rd aw campaign >_>
Last Edited on 04/26/2008 11:39am
zywxn (04/26/2008 09:20pm):
Very nice design, I like the way its 2 hearts made together, i dont care what rast2 says but
this map is well balanced with an even amount of properties for both sides.

The islands shouldnt have something else instead of a city as it will use a lot of landers to
transport and it will make the city to base ratio change. Perhaps give BM one infantry or
mech because PC's 2 infantry gives them a head start in capturing airports or com tower.


If possible I suggest renaming it Let's Kill Rast2 Land.
Last Edited on 04/26/2008 09:23pm
nerd-boy (04/30/2008 03:26pm):
I'd suggest making a different Let's Kill Rast2 Land.

Pleeeease Smacky?

By the way, a similar thing happened here as did on my Cornerstones (reference link:
http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php?maps_id=34719), where someone gave it a 1/10 for
the sole reason that it was a ground-only map. No other comments, just "add air/sea and it
gets a 7/10". Since he obviously didn't realize that adding air would disrupt the balance
of the map (like changing the base structure would alter that of Smacky's map here) I had
to call him out on it.

So yeah, Smacky I feel your pain. Kinda.
Last Edited on 04/30/2008 03:32pm
Ploumeur (05/02/2008 12:47pm):
10/10, though I think there's not enough factories. Max can be very strong if you manage
to avoid stalemates.
lordliam (05/07/2008 10:10pm):
it's ok
9/10 :P
btw i read everything everyone wrote, it took a long time and i think i agree with whoever
maked this map :P
Mafiasco (05/16/2008 06:54am):
i rated 1/10 just to see the rageeeeeeee

just kidding
Dhomochevsky (05/27/2008 08:05am):
Dhomochevsky (05/27/2008 08:05am):
also i love this map
AfterImage (06/15/2008 11:22am):

Come on guys, he has a valid opinion. >_>
Meta Rexy (07/14/2008 06:17pm):
I'm really impressed. :D
The only thing worth mentioning is a minor chokepoint problem in the middle of the
Great work! :D
Last Edited on 07/14/2008 06:18pm
sulla (07/25/2008 05:15pm):
Too many bases/10
DuelStriker (07/27/2008 12:15pm):
Not really/10
ChocolateVodka (11/11/2008 10:11pm):
too much hate. look what you started rast.
sulla (11/13/2008 10:00am):
hmmmm I give this a 7 perhaps a bit too base heavy.

Last Edited on 11/13/2008 10:01am
Borglum (05/12/2009 01:58pm):
Time to build another one, great architect Smack...
Borglum (05/13/2009 12:31pm):
Also, do you live on the East coast and interested in going on a date with a handsome
Borglum (05/13/2009 12:31pm):
Also, do you live on the East coast and interested in going on a date with a handsome
Borglum (05/13/2009 01:54pm):
No matter... you're a ten in my book, and you know what I mean!
Armageddon07 (06/15/2009 02:41pm):
DuelStriker (01/19/2008 01:08pm):
Actually rated/10

airob (09/23/2009 09:46pm):
nice city placement
Usthepeople (11/05/2009 11:15pm):
love it/10
400lingrush (04/08/2010 11:06pm):
same as all your other maps; horribly chokey, pointless islands, "lolrandom" concepts, etc

this kind of map is won through endurance: whoever gets bored last wins.
Luxferre (04/29/2010 12:36pm):
Awesome Map, I am currently playing on it, and it is really fun. 9/10
DraconisMarch (07/20/2011 04:30pm):
I think 5 bases per side is only really justifiable on a retardedly huge map. I dunno.

Infantry spam and mech flood will be huge problems.
Last Edited on 07/20/2011 05:17pm
xepa (08/15/2011 07:21pm):
There's a symmetry error... in the road aside the city 2 blocks South from PC infantry, =p
but I still like this map

xushu (10/12/2011 11:32am):
Not a bad map, but the play tends to be similar: attrition wins. 8/10
Buwaro (05/31/2012 09:52am):
There is something that is bothering me.
Why does this map have a S-rank while the Map Comitee only gave it a 6.75?
Slazzy (01/07/2015 05:13pm):
xepa: what a trivial thing..
Slazzy (01/07/2015 05:14pm):

Last Edited on 02/06/2017 08:20pm
Nyvelion (01/27/2015 05:42pm):
come back we love you
Jackie Milton (09/23/2015 07:22pm):
Too many factories
Slazzy (07/14/2018 11:20am):

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