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#Jaimas Team Fortress (Design Map by )
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Rating: 6.66 in 47 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
(09/11/2005 12:33am):
Well, it's finished. Behold, the result of 6 hours of work. This map rocks, no matter how you
play it.

Actually, an edit is in order first. But aside from that, kooky.
(09/11/2005 12:39am):
All right. NOW it's finished. For 4-on-4 team play. Enjoy.
Metalic_Dragon (09/15/2005 11:02pm):
Great map.
ryuhi (09/30/2005 08:20pm):
too big and too much stuff, 6 hours of your life wasted, 1 minute of mine wasted by typing
this message.
hell yoshi (09/30/2005 09:31pm):
cool map
DrainDemios (10/01/2005 03:03pm):
Too big. Just cause something is huge doesn't mean that it'll be fun to play.
AdvanceStratagist (10/21/2005 07:41pm):
you kind of NEED bigger maps for 8 players. I think it's a good map, but I'll have to try it out
AdvanceStratagist (10/22/2005 06:06am):
well i just started playing and I realized that, although the left side is right in terms of order.
(os bm ge yc) the right side isn't. (should be bh rf gs bd i believe)
Jeeves The Mole (11/27/2005 07:29am):
OK design, but this map is just chokepoint fever. 5/10
AdvanceBurns37 (12/03/2005 09:14pm):
A really nice map! It will take long to do stuff but ideal for 8 players! You should have or
lessened the space between teamates. By the time they need support, they would have
been raided before anyone could help!
Shadow Star (12/05/2005 07:38pm):
mm. i don't really like maps where the only way to get to your opponents is by Lander.
-1 for no land way across.
-1 for little strife for funds. most is already there, and your not gonna make it to your
opponent and get theirs easily because you need landers.
-1 turn issues. make it OS, GE, BH, GS on a team. so the turn order isn't quite so bad
thats all i see.
AdvanceBurns37 (02/16/2006 08:28pm):
I think i will agree with Shadow Star. But i think i would have given it an 8. Everything is fine
except that lander issue. You only send two ground units per lander, blah. Unless you want
a sea/air battle, I think their should be a small bridge at least...
technolink (04/02/2006 08:48am):
The West has MAJOR FTA, they can attack the east 4 times before the East can do anything
about it, like Shadow Star said, OS, GE, BH, GS, just change the properties. P{ossibly
make a land bridge across the North and South, and give the North and South a few less
MattMartin (04/09/2006 12:16am):
I dont get it. TOO big Takes 4eva to finish.it will eventually get too boring
g-dog (06/07/2006 05:03am):
I dislike 8-player maps, too many n00bs never take their turns.
gunner1138 (06/08/2006 12:36pm):
By the way, what are the APCs doing on those tiny islands with the rockets? >_< 6/10
jhuni (09/24/2006 06:58pm):
Sylux (09/24/2006 09:02pm):
Too big, chokepointy, no land attack areas, fta, etc...

Deoxy Knight (09/24/2006 09:11pm):
Ssso... how do you win?
gaspoire (10/15/2006 12:21am):
Slicendice64 (12/11/2006 05:41pm):
@Gunner: To supply the rockets, duh. >_>

Anyway, there is terrible FTA and I don't like the no land bridge.

Advisor Nick (12/11/2006 06:07pm):
Catastrophic FTA, I dont like that only with landers you can send your units, makes the game
slow and takes forever
jhuni (07/27/2007 06:36pm):
The FTA in this map is clearly very considerable.

Kiroshima (07/25/2008 10:33am):
Sheesh, problem with landers? How sad. Land isn't always connected, sometimes you
have to sail across the seas. It is actually a good idea, because it promotes the use of sea
units like Subs (and thus Cruisers, and thus Battleships, etc.) Although, it is rather annoying
that there aren't enough Ports or Airports for the amount of sea there is. Also, FTA doesn't
have as much of sway because there is no middle ground, just each team gets their side. It
would take a while to move up the tanks to board the lander, and then send it to the other
team's shore, and by then the other team would have tanks already in position to fight them
off. NEEDS MORE SHOAL to land on, a LOT more, so you can expand your strategic
options, and promote defense in addition to offense. It would become a thinking map, not
just throw the biggest, baddest tank at the other enemy while stealing his cities because
everything is connect.
Karis Fra Mauro (11/03/2013 01:09am):
Too many notes.
Nyvelion (11/08/2013 10:01am):
That Jaimas. Used the pound symbol before twitter ruined it.
Jaimas is so cool. I wish he'd come back. And finish his webcomic.
Last Edited on 11/08/2013 02:26pm
Tyrantboy (05/13/2015 10:27am):
Major FTA problems

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