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The Game of Go 11x11 (Design Map by tst5381)
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Rating: 8.00 in 3 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
tst5381 (07/20/2007 11:15pm):
Capture: 62
Funds per turn: 1000
The two players should better use the same CO.
Last Edited on 07/30/2007 11:30pm
DuelStriker (07/21/2007 06:04am):
Bans: Sasha, Kindle, Hachi. lol
tst5381 (07/28/2007 05:59am):
Oh, maybe truning off the CO power will help.
Last Edited on 11/23/2007 10:42am
FunkyChunk (08/04/2007 01:28am):
Surprisingly fun for such a simple map.
tst5381 (08/05/2007 09:58pm):
lol Why do you think this is fun? XD
(I hope this map can be added to the Toy-Box)
Last Edited on 08/05/2007 10:00pm
FunkyChunk (08/08/2007 02:43am):
It's fun because the capture phase never stops here. I seriously don't think this is
going to turn into a stalemate, there's pretty much always going to be capturing going on,
and it's interesting to have to decide how much money you're going to invest in combat
units or more infantry.
Also, Sensei would be fun on this map.
tst5381 (08/08/2007 03:57am):
I think I got it. That means mech might be a great unit on this map, doesn't it?
Thanks for giving it an 8 anyway :D
Last Edited on 08/08/2007 04:22am
Jup (03/08/2008 05:28pm):
this map seems awesome :) but i think its better to give each player 3 com towers. now all
units have 30% defence becous they stand on cities.
blozzee (09/01/2010 08:31am):
Sami win
ichbinsehselber (03/24/2017 03:06pm):
played a test game on this map which was fun. Still the map is a bit too simple and the
bases are too close / contested.
(7/10) from me

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