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Galerunners (Design Map by sirfuxalot)
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light

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Rating: 7.57 in 14 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 7.50 in 2 ratings
sirfuxalot (08/03/2007 12:07pm):
A remake of http://awbw.amarriner.com/prevmaps.php?maps_id=22259, with air instead of
ports, and proper adjustments to terrain.
DuelStriker (08/03/2007 04:06pm):
Sweet map. 9/10
Harmony Bunny (08/03/2007 04:13pm):
Hm-hm, good as always, sir :p
Danny123 (09/24/2007 12:22am):
I really like the map.
Very good balance of everything...

And it matters what you do in the beginning.
Nyvelion (08/23/2008 04:30pm):
The 2 sea tiles look kinda awkward.

Edit: Fixed a typo.
Last Edited on 11/23/2014 11:01am
Zinco (10/12/2008 11:34pm):

Falconewing (09/28/2009 05:05pm):
no STA< and kidn of narrow
blanci1 (10/02/2010 11:16am):
looks good..... had some interesting games here...but perhaps a bit narrow.. stand-offy if
played defensively
Last Edited on 09/26/2011 04:33pm
walkerboh (02/07/2011 05:44pm):
This map is awesome and well-deserving of it's A-Rank.
blanci1 (04/06/2014 12:18am):
Good map enjoyed playing here a lot.
But please time for a change in fog league.

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