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Ω Island (Design Map by Solid)
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Rating: 8.44 in 16 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
zero212 (08/11/2007 01:16pm):
Nice map i cant find any serious flaws about this one. good job on it.
sirfuxalot (08/11/2007 01:28pm):
Add air/sea.
jefx (08/11/2007 02:28pm):
isnt that some greek symbol? i like it.
Attack and Defend (08/11/2007 02:59pm):
Y is there a blue moon city next to orange star?
FunkyChunk (08/11/2007 03:10pm):
It's a counter for first turn advantage. It gives Blue Moon (at least) 2000 extra funds
to make up for the fact that Orange Star is able to reach the center properties quicker.
_Corsair_ (08/13/2007 11:02pm):
jfex: yes, it's an uppercase omega.

As for the map, it's a little to linear for my taste. I'd like some ports/shoals so that
one could avoid a clog in the north by making a sea based invasion instead. Other that,
mailier (08/14/2007 02:51am):
Why does BlueMoon have more cities ?
tsoukinator (01/16/2008 11:35pm):
mailier (08/14/2007 04:51pm):
Why does BlueMoon have more cities ?

- Because of first turn advantage
please 'try' to read above comments

but hey, i love this map, and me being greek myself, loves to see a piece of true greekyness
on the web
"there are two types of people in the world. Greeks, and those that wished they were" lol =D
- quote from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" =D
Nyvelion (12/10/2012 08:53pm):
Why is this not A Rank?
Edit: Great, now some jerk favorited this map and suddenly I don't like it as much anymore.
Last Edited on 08/02/2016 08:40am

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