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-.- EUROPE -.- (Design Map by Senzitive)
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Rating: 5.50 in 10 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Senzitive (08/25/2007 02:24pm):
Ok this is my first map and is ment to be europe. I used this map to help me

I changed what each base has so they may have an extra airport or an extra something else
so that they are slightly diffrent.

Orange Star= United Kingdom: They are not going to be to threatened but at the same time
will find it hard to attack. They have a slightly lower income. Although there is a possibility to
expand into Iceland which is the land north with 2 neutral cities.

Blue Moon= Spain: They are a pretty average country with 2 bases, airports and seaports.

Greeen Earth= France: In a harder position then Spain but they have an extra base which
may prove useful in there campaign.

Yellow Comet= Italy: They have an extra seaport but only one airport.

Black Hole= Germany: Germany is also a tough position to play but starts with units.

Red Fire: Poland/Belarus/Czezh Republic: The northern part of eastern europe. They have
more options open to them but also have 3 potential attackers depending on what other
countires plan to do.

Jade sun: Greece/Bulgaria/Romania: The southern part of eastern europe. Slightly weaker
then the northern part of east europe but they are less open to other countries. They also
have 3 airports.

Purple: Western Russia: Russia has 4 bases but at the expense of no sea units until they
capture a port. They also have the option to fight for the neutral buildings with cobalt ice but
they cant send all there units into the fight because unlike cobalt ice they could be attacked
from the south.

Cobalt Ice: Norway/Sweden/finland: Only one airport but 3 seaports. will need to fight russia
for the neutral cities and be prepared to battle with various other countries naval units.

Set to 1500 for funds. Team play may be on but you will have to look at the map and decide

sirfuxalot (08/25/2007 02:42pm):
FYI don't rate yourself a 10(it's frowned upon).

This is a nice map, but we already have lots of Europe maps and this doesn't have enough
neutral properties(it only has four in seemingly random areas). Also, enemy airposrt are
too close to each other. The way you have it currently, fighters can reach an enemy
airport in one day, which can give players that take their turn earlier an advantage.
Last Edited on 08/25/2007 02:45pm
bakabonest (08/25/2007 05:37pm):
Not enough neutral properties, there's BH cities in PL area, GE is screwed (it's gonna be
attacked by OS, BM, and BH. An extra base is not going to keep it alive), and YC has way
too much advantage.
Evil Mastermind (08/26/2007 08:11am):
I think you should keep it so GE is screwed, just to show those frogs
Senzitive (08/27/2007 07:55am):
HAHA! That actually made me laugh out loud!!
Psychotic_55555 (04/21/2008 08:40am):
yes, i lawld as well.
Last Edited on 04/21/2008 08:40am
DualStriker (04/21/2008 02:31pm):
RF is pretty screwed too... and PL has BH cities.
FreshBread (04/27/2008 04:59pm):
those 2 cities near PL are actually BH cities. think you mixed it up unless it was intended.
Punintended (05/04/2008 05:33pm):
So in the future, has Global Warming flooded Turkey, Denmark, and the Netherlands off the map?
Last Edited on 05/10/2008 10:25pm
nirial1991 (06/20/2008 11:48am):
European Diplomats does it way better.
mrapex (06/21/2008 04:52pm):
BH cities where purple is
MossGrande (09/08/2008 03:10pm):
There is no roads. Falied try to make Koal less broken.
Headphone (09/21/2010 06:40pm):
loling at the idea that Koal broken
Nyvelion (12/11/2012 05:56pm):
At first I didn't understand why you would doubt Koal being broken.
Then I realized that Senzitive's recreation of Europe has no roads.
Yeah, not much use picking Koal when there are no roads.
IPS (03/07/2017 03:01am):
Why does YC and PL has a com tower but the rest doesn't?

No neutral properties at all for most players...

The map isn't fair itself. Central players should have most cities to compensate the more
area they have to cover to defend their native regions... 3/10 due balance sucks.

Last Edited on 03/07/2017 03:03am

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