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Blood on my Hands (Design Map by Hellraider)
Categories: Global League, Hall of Fame, S-Rank

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Rating: 7.59 in 44 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 9.60 in 5 ratings
Metalic_Dragon (09/20/2007 02:55pm):
You're missing 2 sea tiles southwest of the BM base in the northwest, otherwise north of
the eastern port.
RockmanX_Zero (12/26/2007 02:35am):
It won't affect gameplay much, but the city at the very top (or the very bottom) should be
moved 2 spaces to the right if you wanted perfect symmetry :)
Last Edited on 12/26/2007 02:36am
mr.len (03/10/2008 07:08pm):
very nice map for useing fog and random waether!
Headphone (07/28/2011 03:29pm):
The airports are missile lockable btw.
walkerboh01 (02/15/2012 01:43am):
This map is so good, I really love it. Only complaint is it might be a little too choky on the sides,
and the HQs should really be moved forward a bit. 9/10.
mori3 (03/31/2012 04:20pm):
Watched a ton of replays of this map. It's now one of my favorite maps on the site.
Rast (04/26/2012 04:42pm):
FTA counter is on the wrong factory. OS goes first and gets the expansion factory first.
Mori2 (05/04/2012 01:35am):
Pretty sure it's there so that there's less airport issues, among other things.
TFM (07/14/2012 12:47am):
You've got some blood on your chokepoints as well.
Mori2 (01/31/2013 11:42am):
This thing has stood the test of time. There's not all that many maps in strategy games
in general that stay this good after 5 or 6 years of metagame development.
Foundation (03/05/2013 03:32pm):
Such a good map. 10/10

The dorian5 vs Hellraider game is soooo good. Someone better get and distribute that
replay when it's done!
blozzee (10/31/2014 04:21am):
This map should be rank higher, at least within top 10.
systericon (11/20/2014 05:04pm):
i hate this map =)
MC Hammer (01/09/2015 01:19am):
Really? This is such an amazing map.
Slazzy (04/14/2015 02:05pm):
he said it with a smile. i think the properties layout is bad, because it's hard to figure out which properties to capture
first to get as many funds and properties as fast as you can.( the sooner, the better)

edit: nevermind, i can see which to capture first now, although maybe not wholly/all of them
Last Edited on 04/14/2015 02:06pm
sulla (10/11/2017 10:39pm):
I miss hellraider
doubledip (08/05/2018 04:30pm):

Last Edited on 10/24/2018 09:39pm
wilkyb (08/05/2018 04:33pm):
I think this is a really good map considering the unit composition / diversity. My criticisms are that here is not much
of a threat of losing the game outright in the early game (HQ capture), and personally, I like the macro games so I
think this map is a bit small. 8/10!
Last Edited on 10/24/2018 09:38pm
JJEmpire64 (10/17/2018 08:37pm):
Still one of the best maps on the site.

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