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Writhe In Pain (Design Map by Fugue)
Categories: A-Rank, Heavy Naval

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Rating: 7.67 in 6 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Fugue (10/20/2007 12:46pm):
Large land/sea map. Outer ports are intentionally shoal-locked.

CO Bans: Colin, Grit, Hachi, Kanbei, Sensei, Drake, Sami
Suggested Bans: Javier, Kindle, Rachel, Sasha, Sturm, Von Bolt
Shadow Star (10/20/2007 01:12pm):
property placed just far enoguh away.
Id consider adding another shoal or two on the outside.
possibly another forest or two as well.
chokepoints are relatively open.
not too many problems with this map. 8
FunkyChunk (10/20/2007 03:10pm):
Can one writhe in anything besides pain?

I suppose torment... You never hear about someone writhing in happiness though.
Fugue (10/21/2007 11:20am):
In case anyone missed it, I'd like to reiterate that Drake and Sami need to be put up there with
the broken five on the autoban list for this map. Drake's +1 sea units and Sami's faster
captures give them a huge advantage on an HQ rush (Which is a perfectly viable strategy if
your opponent doesn't cover for it).
Last Edited on 10/21/2007 04:56pm
Tyrael (02/28/2008 05:04pm):
Why Javier?
zywxn (04/26/2008 09:27pm):
The bans seem fairly obvious but I don't get why it is Large Land/sea map because two
ports cant produce attack vehicles and it will take a long time for only one port to build up a
fleet. But very nice idea.
maq (04/26/2008 09:41pm):
FunkyChunk (10/21/2007 01:10am):
Can one writhe in anything besides pain?"

There is little between pleasure and pain so...
Meta Rexy (11/13/2008 11:06pm):
there's no comm towers. javier ban is unnecessary.
Good map. :)
8/10... but winning this map will take a while if you've got an APC on your HQ which is on
an island far far away...

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