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Cranberries (Design Map by sirfuxalot)
Categories: A-Rank

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Ratings go from 1 (awful) to 10 (near perfect).
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Rating: 8.55 in 11 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
sirfuxalot (10/29/2007 11:06pm):
This was pretty fun to design.
Tyrael (10/29/2007 11:23pm):
Lol, your comment wins as much as this map.
Tyrael (10/30/2007 10:57am):
Woah, it's already in the A-rank O.O;
BadFurDay (10/30/2007 11:27am):
Huh wait, so now they put map in categories again? Great!

Anyway, great map, 10/10
Tyrael (10/30/2007 02:00pm):
Someone gave a 7...
DuelStriker (10/30/2007 02:38pm):
The road patterns seem kind of weird looking to me... And I didn't give it a 7, but I agree with
whoever did.
The Shifting Shadows (10/30/2007 05:44pm):
I give it an 8. The Reason was allready stated.
Last Edited on 10/30/2007 05:44pm
Tyrael (10/30/2007 11:26pm):
Because it "looks wierd"? Wow.
Metalic_Dragon (10/31/2007 02:04am):
I was the one who rated 7. It's sort of chokey at points, and it doesn't really seem to be
anything special. It's just fair, and kind of generic.
sirfuxalot (10/31/2007 05:24pm):
There aren't all that many chokepoints, the only significant ones I put closer to the HQs so
the battle won't end right when someone gets a fund advantage. I admit it's sorta generic,
but I think the whole road design is cool.
Tyrael (01/31/2008 10:10pm):
The roads are awesome.

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