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4 corners (2vs2) (Design Map by fragachan)
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Rating: 3.25 in 8 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
SADFACE (11/19/2007 03:23pm):
The ports are unreachable, and the center is a giant chokepoint... Or at least it would
be, if those mountains didn't prevent non-infantry/mech units from passing. So the only
ground units of any worth will be anti-airs, missles, rockets, artillery(barely),
infantry, and mechs.

Because every team has HQs and every team gets a guaranteed lab very early on, those labs
are almost pointless.

Centralized silos are usually a very bad idea.
SADFACE (11/19/2007 03:29pm):
Also, voting on your own maps is generally frowned upon, it's not fair that every map
should start with a perfect 10.
DuelStriker (11/19/2007 03:32pm):
nerd-boy (11/19/2007 05:35pm):
1 to counteract the self-ten
Tyrael (11/19/2007 06:04pm):
This map just plain fails. If you're now mad at me for randomly flaming you, then quite frankly
you deserve it. You have made no effort to make this fun, enjoyable, or playable in any
sense of the words. Look at the maps that are in the S-rank and A-rank categories, look at
the forums under the Design Maps section, just look at SOMETHING so you can get the idea
of how this game works, and how maps need to be made to accomodate the rules of the
game. This map does NOT work for AW.

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