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Morning Boredom (Design Map by Hydralisk24)
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Rating: 9.50 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
DuelStriker (12/15/2007 07:45am):

This is a pretty cool map

Last Edited on 12/15/2007 07:45am
BadFurDay (12/15/2007 08:24am):
Lol ghost com towers? Lol ghost lab? o_O

Remove BH's FTA counter btw, only RF needs one (since the first 4 players are evened out
by the team order, and only RF, which goes after BH, is affected. And make that two
infantries for RF in order to properly counter the FTA situation.

Otherwise nice map, 9/10
Tyrael (12/15/2007 03:06pm):
^ Correct on FTA counter and lol ghost tower.
Hydralisk24 (12/15/2007 03:24pm):
Fixed lol. Put the ghosts their so that none can just rush them :P Lab units should be
something important. IMO: Bombers, Mega/Neo Tanks or some other cruel combo where the team
has to decide who gets it. Ban which ever CO you feel will be too strong here... hehe.
Prob ban stealths too xD (I know I don't like them. Not a very balanced unit at all). Play
in FoW and see some interesting stuff happen :D

And thanks for the input!

P.S. - This is my first map LOL.
Last Edited on 12/15/2007 03:57pm
DuelStriker (12/15/2007 03:45pm):
Lol, you probably have made the greatest 'my first map ever' map in a really long time.
Everyone's first maps usually suck, but you did a great job, :D
Hydralisk24 (12/15/2007 04:05pm):
Ty, I tried to include every element into the battle.

That's what gets me the most... Rarely ever see Pipe Runners being used in the field too
so I thought it would be nice to have that giant pipe around the edge with the seams so if
you felt like you were losing the battle, Just blow them and they lose Pipe Runner support
on the north side. Won't stop them BS's though :P

Everyone on the team is important in their own fashion, Whether it be from Land, Sea, Or
Air (Or pipe..? Lol)

Also... If you look at the map from the "Thumbnail" view (Lack of anything else better to
call it lol) It kinda looks like an alien with its mouth wide open... o_O LOL
Last Edited on 12/15/2007 04:10pm

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