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4P map (small version) (Design Map by Conti)
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Rating: 8.17 in 6 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Tyrael (12/22/2007 10:16pm):
Switch BM with YC so OS/BM are opposite each other, and make the pre-owned CITY
neutral. As it is, OS still has FTA against BM, and GE against YC. If the second two teams
(with the infs) are diagonal each other, both will be next to OS and OS won't have FTA
against either and everything's in balance. 4k starting funds is bad because the teams with
the inf can build a recon day 1 and wreak havok on the other countries' capturing while still
being able to capture things themselves with the infantry, which OS/BM can't do.
Minor FTA issue aside, this is a very solid map. Good city:base ratio, a nice balance
between wide open and chokey, and good terrain variety. 9/10

EDIT- You might want to take out a couple of the mountains along the outside- the little
choke-valleys are just begging for a rocket to camp there and bombard every unit that
comes out of the nearby base.
Last Edited on 12/22/2007 10:18pm
DuelStriker (12/22/2007 10:35pm):
I agree with Tyrael.
Tyrael (12/22/2007 11:46pm):
I agree with DuelStriker's agreement.
Conti (12/23/2007 07:33pm):
Thanks for the tips, Tyrael. :) I've updated the map accordingly.
mathblitz (07/10/2008 12:31pm):
nice map 10/10 (i give it to alot of maps that i use) (cause im nice)
Nyvelion (04/16/2015 04:20pm):
I agree with my comment.

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