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AlexFili's Spann Island: Green VS Yellow (Design Map by AlexFili)
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Rating: 5.87 in 15 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
BadFurDay (01/28/2008 01:20pm):
1 to counter the 10

There are already billions of spann islands on this website.
AlexFili (01/28/2008 04:56pm):
Ah, but none of them are Green VS Yellow. OWNED!
Tempest79797 (01/28/2008 08:01pm):
Good idea.
DuelStriker (02/09/2008 01:12pm):
Color changes have been done before... and I think that even green/yellow has been done
as well...
AlexFili (02/13/2008 08:45am):
altzan (10/19/2009 09:00am):
What's the point, dude? Join one that's OS vs BM, for instance, and you can change your
faction to any other unused one.
Example, I could start a game on this one, join the YC army, and change it to Red Fire if
I wanted to.
Nyvelion (11/28/2011 04:08pm):
pen (02/09/2018 01:34pm):
Because of the endless remakes, I often forget that Spann Island
was a real map on aw1.

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