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Colonial Version 2 (Design Map by demonhands)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 8.00 in 17 ratings
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demonhands (02/07/2008 01:54am):
Here's an updated version of Colonial Era (thx to the original author for designing this map)

I changed:
*Changed an East African Base over to Cambodia; this allows more diplomacy with China,
Japan and the rest, and reflects the historical accuracy of the French having a stake at
Southeast Asia.
*Created the trans-siberian highway, also allowing Russia to delve into Northern Korean
affairs and creating a link between China and Russia.
*Created two new ports: Istanbul and the Suez Canal. this allows a struggle for the Black
Sea between Russia and turkey, to reflect conflict prior to WW1, and also aknowledges that
after the building of the Suez Canal, ships could pass between the Eastern Mediterranean
and the Indian Ocean.
*Addition of the Yangtze River to add variety to the Chinese landscape and create an added
defense for the surrounded China.

Please vote and let me know what you think, I may add additional features/change features.


DuelStriker (02/07/2008 03:28pm):
Hmm nice job, but wtf single reef tile in upper right corner
funwes (02/07/2008 06:16pm):
Istanbul was Constantinople
Now it's Istanbul not Constantinople
Been a long time gone, Constantinople
What did Constantinople get the works?
That's nobody's business but the Turks.
demonhands (02/10/2008 06:35pm):
dont tell me duelstriker...did yuo dock me points cos of the reef? lol
tmassing (02/19/2008 05:15pm):
10/10 should be given to most world maps unless they really fuk up. good job! 10/10
zywxn (06/13/2008 04:23am):
This is the best world map (or cut off version) I have ever seen!!!
All the coastlines are good and accurate.
And the terrain and other geographical interests are in too!
This is even better than my world map!!!
Last Edited on 06/13/2008 04:24am
Lord_Echo (03/14/2010 02:38am):
I have one problem. The terrain in India and West China is bland. More mountains and forests
and cities to repressent their large populations and their rugged terrian. Other wise, very
Veritech (09/13/2013 11:29pm):
Lol, if you have a date in Constantinople, she'll be waiting in Istanbul.

Tough luck there.
Tanker4390 (12/06/2017 05:42pm):
This could be hard difficulty of colonial era :)

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