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DustBowl (Design Map by blanci1)
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light, Innovative

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Rating: 8.20 in 10 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
blanci1 (05/19/2008 08:41pm):
Yeah , its clumped blandy and linearly circular in some respects. But the idea is to see in
practice how important the centre can be. (spoilers removed)
Last Edited on 08/13/2008 03:15pm
BadFurDay (05/20/2008 03:28am):
Hmm, interesting. The airports kinda kill the map's concept, as planes can go anywhere on
the map in like 2 turns, and control zones don't really matter when you are not limited.
blanci1 (05/20/2008 11:14am):
OK, a more fundamental lesson might be learnt without air, but i
want it to be fun too... the airbase breaks the left-right symetry while maintaining rotational
symetry to encourage fluidity. Mmmm ... copters take 4 moves to hit enemy HQ and 6 to get
to enemy airbase. Also im not sure air will be so effective anyway without central land
control .... And that comes back to the idea of the map.. to find out in practice !
Last Edited on 08/21/2008 10:13am
Ploumeur (02/10/2010 10:55pm):
Very original. The map is still decent, and has an unusual playstyle. Favorited.
Headphone (01/12/2012 07:20pm):
I like it
wilkyb (01/04/2018 05:28pm):
I like this map

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