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2P - Dolphin Cove (Design Map by el_B)
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Rating: 8.00 in 2 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
el_B (02/08/2008 07:03pm):
Asymmetrical 2P map. Lab is optional, but it can make a sea fight more rewarding.
Last Edited on 02/08/2008 07:04pm
JoeVector (02/08/2008 10:53pm):
The islands look too boring.
Hydralisk24 (02/09/2008 01:24am):

Yes, give them more terrain (or make them slightly larger for it). Mtn. or two never hurts
on an island :P Forests are always nice too. About 2-3 IMO
lindsay40k (05/10/2008 05:39pm):
The bottom left island looks a little too secure - OS won't have much call to spend money
on defender units.

Also, OS's central factory looks a little exposed to direct attack- suggest moving both
factories one tile right.

Finally, the cluster of cities could do with breaking up a little.

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