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Missile Crisis (Design Map by joemancan)
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Rating: 5.86 in 7 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
joemancan (03/11/2008 06:01pm):
really that is all that would have happened the US get first strike with there 3 mil a day cold
war intelegence project russia make a move and is shot down or blown up
funwes (03/27/2008 08:08pm):
Engrish pweeze
joemancan (03/28/2008 03:20pm):
Wow I didn't wright that
NJ_advancwrs14 (03/28/2008 05:51pm):
interesting, i like it how you channel everyone to go where you want them to, varied terrain and nice design. -1 for
the chokepoints. i'd play on it. 9/10

Last Edited on 03/28/2008 05:51pm
Nyvelion (04/11/2012 01:08pm):
Herro prease, speak engrish
fera232 (09/23/2012 03:50pm):
BAD MAP! I doesn't consider fta

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