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Flower of Scotland (Design Map by Harmony Bunny)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 8.50 in 8 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Harmony Bunny (05/26/2008 09:42am):
A FFA/Diplomatic map based on the scottish clans. Used to be a 1v1 map but that was not
interesting at all.

[OS] Clans Stewart, Erskine & Montgomery.
Motto: Viscerit vulnere virtus (Courage grows strong at a wound)

[GE] Clans Hay & Lindsay.
Motto: Serva Jugum (Keep the yoke)

[YC] Clan Campbell.
Motto: Ne obliscaris (Forget not)

[BH] Clans Rose & Grant.
Motto: Constant and true

[RF] Clan Ferguson.
Motto: Dulcius ex asperis (Through difficulty, sweetness)

[BD] Clans MacLeod, MacLeod of Harris & MacLeod of Lewis.
Motto: Hold fast!

[JS] Clans Gordon, Innes & Leslie.
Motto: By Dand (The survivors, thanks Dzogan)

[CI] Clan Sutherland.
Motto: Sans peur! (Without Fear!)
Last Edited on 06/03/2008 06:28am
Dzogan (06/02/2008 03:26pm):
Cool idea.

Not sure where you got your mottos's from but as a Gordon Clan member I can tell you our
motto is "By Dand" which means the survivors or those who persever.
Harmony Bunny (06/03/2008 06:24am):
I found the mottos of the better part of the clans on wikipedia. Actually the motto I choosed for the JS alliance is the
one of the clan Forbes, but its territory was too close from Aberdeen (GE's northern city) and as a small
frenchman I wasn't able to translate the Innes', Leslie's and Gordon's motto. Now that I know what By Dand means
I'll change JS' motto. Thanks :)
SpazAttack540 (07/03/2010 12:44am):
10/10 For making a maples based on my country of origin and birth :)
Meta Rexy (05/16/2011 08:53pm):
JS looks badly screwed from the looks of it.
Why are Brown and Cobalt the only ones to get a port? That sounds uneven. :(
Ignorance (12/20/2012 12:38pm):
Very beautiful looking map, love the way it all orchestrates together to form a lovely flower.

As for game play, it looks a little mixed and a heavy fight at the start with everyone
making temp truces and running around, but depending on who does what, could turn into a
very interesting game.
Though, why do CI and BD have ports where as no other player by the sea has them, someone
will get the islands rather easy like that.
the-deadly-shadow (10/26/2013 07:09am):
especially the north is mountainous. I understand that you wanted to copy the reality.
to prevent the north from being a stalemaie, I suggest giving more players ports and adding

furthermore I doubt wether OS will stand a chance, Because both GE and RF might want to
capture the centrat base, which will leave OS with only one base
Last Edited on 10/26/2013 07:13am
Nyvelion (05/15/2014 08:23am):
Scotland? So Northern England?

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