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Renewal (Design Map by Dreamhaunter)
Categories: S-Rank

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Rating: 7.91 in 11 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 9.50 in 2 ratings
walkerboh01 (10/08/2010 11:03am):
This looks like a really cool map. The corner bases take away some of the stalemating
potential, and the two airports should really allow for a dynamic game. Finally there's that
enemy base and port at each armies' back, which could be used to change a game late. I'm
testing it out right now, but at first look it looks great. Good job!

Edit: Added to A-Rank pending after play test. I really like this map.
Last Edited on 01/29/2011 12:59pm
NekoMithos (07/28/2011 03:44pm):
The counter seems imbalanced because there's two infantry at one front.
Last Edited on 07/28/2011 03:53pm
Mori2 (05/01/2012 09:41pm):
Wow, does this look good.
kyh (05/19/2017 02:01pm):
a good 1500-funds-per-turn map

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