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A local war (Design Map by harsha)
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War

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Rating: 8.60 in 15 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 8.00 in 1 rating
Ducky (04/28/2008 07:39pm):
May I predict fog, otherwise the recons are only food for if someone happens to fly a copter
beside them.
Taz (06/20/2008 10:00am):
The FTA counter is insufficient: BM needs two infantries and not one with four starting
chrysato13 (09/25/2008 06:41am):
i like how its seperated into two battles and to win you have to take naval action very
creative 8/10
Harti (06/12/2009 11:38am):
I like the concept, yeah :)
Epicurus (08/06/2009 08:15pm):
Loving the concept. Creating a few trial games right now.
walkerboh01 (10/04/2011 11:50pm):
Fronts are a little choky, but overall it's a pretty decent map. 8/10.
blanci1 (02/25/2014 02:44am):
BEWARE in fog .... There are 4 preowned bases. In fog and with some big HQs (eg. Purple) its almost
impossible to notice one of the bases which is obscured behind said HQ, or its possible to think it is a neutral
base to be captured , in which case one can omit to buy an infantry there on first day.

Not sure why this has been classified as mixed base..?. All bases for one country are basically grouped
together at one side .. 4 red down bottom, and 4 blue up top.
ptaward (04/02/2014 03:14pm):
Playing this game FOW with no powers. LOVE IT! 10/10
ptaward (04/03/2014 05:43pm):
The port and airport in the northeast need to be switched to match the south west corner.
Rockoe10 (04/02/2018 08:05am):
Yep, port needs switched

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