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Freedom of Choice (Design Map by sulla)
Categories: Casual Play

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Rating: 6.57 in 21 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
sulla (05/09/2008 03:13pm):
People didnt like the straight lines of forests in the original version, so I got changed them.
Added a bit more roads, and a com tower.
Tyrael (05/30/2008 12:09am):
It's still too busy. Less forests please.
sulla (05/30/2008 12:11pm):
no the forests are part of the point of the map. Stop coming up with stupid subjective
reasons to down rate my maps. I am sick of "This river is too straight. etc... etc..."
FunkyChunk (06/02/2008 03:46pm):
I actually like this map, even though I hate its creator.
sulla (06/07/2008 01:27am):
At least you can be objective FunkyChunk ^_- Now how can I make you not hate me?
funwes (06/14/2008 12:21pm):
I think it deserves the A-rank it has IMO. I think it could have another city in the
middle to fight for, but no real complaints here at the moment.
sulla (06/25/2008 02:06pm):
give me my A rank back!!!
funwes (06/25/2008 06:03pm):
There aren't ANY A-ranks right now; the map committee is going over suggested maps on the

sulla (06/26/2008 07:56am):
Ok I renamed the map.
blanci1 (07/05/2008 10:05am):
Still great map ... but...... it was perfectly original in its previous form
with a bold unbroken tree lined avenue ! -- the original "desu desu" may seem a tricky map
to win ... but looking at the stats it has zero draws and possibly the highest DaysPerGame
(DPG) statistic of any smallish 1v1 map at AWBW ... (18 + days)

Last Edited on 08/14/2008 12:45pm
sulla (07/05/2008 03:34pm):
the old version still exist blanci.
lindsay40k (07/16/2008 02:35pm):
Works very well in DoR - city concealment, flares, effective missiles and light planes
complement this map well.
sulla (09/13/2008 09:25pm):
Rember kids, you got two ways to go about it. So use your freedom of choice!!!!.
sulla (12/11/2008 05:27am):
Smack took this off the fog league. Dispite it being on of the few maps designed for fog.
sulla (03/28/2014 09:45am):
the-deadly-shadow (06/27/2014 10:42am):
the-deadly-shadow (10/12/2017 06:55am):
oh, still interesting. 9/10

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