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Captain Joriz Artillery Duel (Design Map by Red11)
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Rating: 9.60 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
nerd-boy (05/11/2008 05:26pm):
Waaaaaaaaay too many pipe seams.
Red11 (05/12/2008 12:37am):

Ok I modified it - removing pipeseams as you suggest. I hope this is improved, now that it is
more open.
ChurKirby (05/12/2008 12:55pm):
Not so bad. I quite like it. Although there are many pipeseams... o.O

Red11 (05/13/2008 03:02am):

Maybe the two centre bases should be cut down to one?
Hellraider (08/27/2008 01:35pm):
FTA deluxe.

Also, there are still too much pipeseams.

blanci1 (01/11/2009 04:45pm):
a simple fta fix-up = .... consider the 4 bases in pairs, the first pair give one infantry counter
and also one for the second pair. i d be happy with that i think.

The whole idea of this map is to have a huge pipe seam right through it ! Its a concept map.
Its not trying to be realistic or anything. One relevant question might be whether there are
any gameplay problems?.. and if so what exactly ? Needs a few test games.

With so many bases and not so many cities, there might be a spam problem? or use 2000
income but then fta counter would be harder.
Red11 (01/21/2009 06:28am):

There are no spam problems on this map, nor fta problems. I will play anyone with BM to
prove my point.
blanci1 (02/27/2009 03:34pm):
ooooh..... i just noticed reds comment that he removed a load of pipe-seam. Why? was that
for any logical gameplay reason or because it didnt seem standard enough ? I cant
understand this standard map sydrome which appeare of epidemic proportions . We need to
apply logic not speculation. Kreugster has a couple of maps with a whole maze of seams
and the map works very well !
Saying waaaaaaaaaaay is not a logical argument, it is a typical expletive used instead of an
We better map test for FTA,.... i cant think hellraiders off-base on that point ..... sulla said he
is an exceptional calculator ! ... not to mention his ladder record, etc.
Last Edited on 02/27/2009 03:44pm
Red11 (02/09/2011 06:51pm):
Normalised starting infantry, ftc.

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