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Illumination (Design Map by Volcove)
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War

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DuelStriker (06/30/2008 07:06pm):
Pretty good map. It could use a few more forests though. Hmm... I'm not sure about the subs,
are they to prevent routing so you can only win by lab capture? Or are you able to delete
them and buy battleships/carriers? Very interesting.
Volcove (06/30/2008 07:07pm):
Major Notes:
- This map is meant to be played in FoW.
- Make sure to 'submerge' your submarine immediately (unless you want to lose it or
waste funds on repairs).
- Ensure that all naval units are banned, so that the port cannot be used for anything
other then keeping the sub refueled. If you want the option of a battleship turret, then I
suppose you could allow that possibility, but it is certainly not recommended.
- CO bans are the usual 5 as well as Sturm (recon rush problems). Sami is optional. Sonja
might be considered as well due to the nature of the 'spotlights'.
- Due to the fact that damage-all COPs will force the enemy to spend extra cash on
repairing the sub, those COs with such damaging capabilities are not recommended for use.

The submarine is meant solely for sight purposes, as it makes sure to illuminate that part
of the playing field with it's vision range of 5 (hence the map name). The idea was
inspired by AWDoR, with the 'flames' that revealed portions of the fog of war. The HQ is a
lab simply to prevent an
excess of funds, since the port would also give you funding per day.

Beyond that, it is a new concept I am trying out with the use of the sub representing a
sort of spotlight to keep tabs on a portion of the enemy's territory, which in turn
influences both their actions and yours. Other then that, it plays relatively normally.
Last Edited on 07/01/2008 11:29pm
Volcove (06/30/2008 07:15pm):
@DuelStriker - You think so? I suppose I'll squeeze in a few more.

As for the subs, as stated above (you posted before I could finish writing >_>), they are
meant to act as spotlights, allowing you to keep tabs on that area of the enemy's
territory, influencing both their tactics and yours. Subs were chosen for their large
vision range (5), the fact that they could not move from their spot (being sea units) and
that submerging would prevent the enemy from attacking & destroying them (and being on a
port prevents it from ever running out of fuel anyways).

Hm, the sub preventing winning other then by capturing of the lab was not something I had
considered. I suppose that would be an alternative effect, but probably a minor one
anyways. If all units were indeed wiped out, chances are their lab would soon follow anyways.
Last Edited on 06/30/2008 07:55pm
DuelStriker (06/30/2008 07:22pm):
Hmm yeah, good point. Also, I'm known to comment before the map maker alot :P
Volcove (06/30/2008 07:24pm):
So it seems. -'-
Last Edited on 06/30/2008 07:27pm
lordliam (08/15/2008 05:41pm):
good idea......

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