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Forest Battle 4-Play (Design Map by TAG14)
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Rating: 4.50 in 4 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
TAG14 (07/09/2008 11:06pm):
This is my 1st 4-Player map. I know theres FTA, but I dont know how 2 fix it on a 4-player map like
this. If u could, tell me how so I can fix it b4 people start playin on it. I made a map like this sum
time ago and sum1 said "2 many forests". I tried 2 fix that by putting a larger river and the large
highway. And the title IS called "Forest Battle" so I only put Forests in there. And if u do report a
problem, explain how 2 fix it or the problem in greater detail. Dont spout "FTA!" and leave.
I recomend FoW and mayb team battle 2 make it interesting. And funds should start 2000.
FunkyChunk (07/10/2008 02:40am):
Give Red Fire and Black Hole one infantry to counter first turn advantage.
TAG14 (07/10/2008 03:30am):
Ok. Thnx. Ill do that ASAP.

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