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Epic-Sea-Battle (Design Map by acim81)
Categories: Casual Play, Team Play

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Rating: 7.62 in 13 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
acim81 (08/16/2008 02:52pm):
here IT is!
The world biggest AWBW Sea-Map.

We have six Players, fighting in FFA, Left vs Right, Top vs Down or what you want more in

EVERY player has the same chance in reaching the first islands with a lander or a black boat.

The CI-Inf are ghost units. The Harbours can be captured, but they can't produce ships,
the produce only funds or can repair untis.

Bans are clear: broken 5 + maybe sasha (because there are a lot of funds in this mao)

On every second island is a factory or a harbour to fight for.
And in FoW, no island is really safe.
I like the feeling in FoW, when i land at the coast, and don't know what is waiting on
these islands, if someone is there...and how much there is...
Hope you enjoy the map,
and i hope i don't disappoint the one who showed me how to build such big maps.

please rate and write a comment, because any comments
are welcome !
Last Edited on 08/16/2008 03:08pm
Nibbles On Marshmallows (08/16/2008 03:07pm):

Last Edited on 08/16/2008 03:09pm
amthc356 (08/16/2008 03:19pm):
having to win by rout here is going to be a pain
Nibbles On Marshmallows (08/16/2008 03:41pm):
That's true, add a couple airports.
lordliam (08/16/2008 04:16pm):
how do you make maps so big ? O.O
oh yea btw, it isn't bullshit, so it's good
chives (08/16/2008 05:25pm):
Aye, airports be a gawdsend!
NuclearDinosaur (08/16/2008 11:30pm):
Airports would make this greater than it already is... I mainly say that because I like
air units more than sea units.

You made a plains where there should be a road on the eastern island with CI infantry.
Last Edited on 08/16/2008 11:31pm
acim81 (08/17/2008 06:02am):
oh, yes.
i will change t into a road by time. thx nuclearDinosaur.

I don't know if i should put in airports. everyone would build more aircrafts than ships.
than it is no more a sea-battle map!
mrapex (08/17/2008 09:28pm):
Matey! Increased funding, you should have
mrapex (08/17/2008 09:35pm):
10, good work, doubt a full game will ever be played on this map but if some1 gets some
actives in i'll join.

and no airports!
Armageddon07 (08/18/2008 10:11am):
idk what to say but preaty dang good.
spankyman (11/29/2008 04:13pm):
put 1 or 2 airports in the middle.
nickdown (01/28/2010 01:18pm):
i love this map. no to airports for a couple reasons.
1.) Its the greatest sea map on awbw.
2.) with a t copter it makes it unfair for the people that are not close to hq.
ichbinsehselber (07/30/2016 08:32am):
This map is definitely high quality!
The FTA counter is very well designed. Before my first game on this map my rating is (9/10)

The map may have one problem: The games will take very long and the players might drop
out. But this is no map design issue. Any such huge map would have that problem.

Edit: Playing a team game 3v3 left vs right without FOW with 1.5k funding. The game works
quite well in the start but I would recommend normal 1k funding for any new games.
Last Edited on 08/16/2016 05:34pm
ichbinsehselber (08/02/2016 07:07pm):
minor symmetry issue: 30,44 31,44 should be sea but are coast.
shen150 (01/26/2017 09:02pm):
It`s the Great Sea Battle, oh wait, this is not Green Earth`s factory mission. It would be interesting if it
Last Edited on 03/17/2017 06:43pm

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