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A Map Simply Made For Look (Design Map by tst5382)
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Rating: 8.83 in 12 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
tst5382 (08/24/2008 04:44am):
Playable? I dunno.
Everzwijn (08/24/2008 06:25am):
If this map is supposed to represent a geographical area (which I assume it does), you
might want to specify which it is, 'cause I can't tell.

Also 10/10 to counter phantom 1.
tst5382 (08/24/2008 07:31am):
No, this is an original map.
kookysooky (08/26/2008 07:58am):
aside from yellow having strategic ports all over the place, and spots everywhere for
yellow to pick and choose, everyone else looks about even. yellow can control the seas too
easily. most of blue's are at a chokepoint, red doesn't even get a port, but green and BH
are okay. I understand it's just for show, but at least try to give red/blue a chance?
Gunfighter (04/30/2009 08:57pm):
A very beautiful map. I don't believe YC will win because, everyone will focus a great deal
of their energy on taking YC outlying properties.
Nyvelion (09/06/2014 11:19am):
And that's exactly why YC WILL win!
Everdan (03/21/2017 12:53pm):
YC is Poland, destined to be slowly surrounded and engulfed on three sides by Russia, Austria and Prussia.

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