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Believe it or not. It's a race (Design Map by Days Of Ruin)
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Rating: 8.10 in 10 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Days Of Ruin (08/31/2008 08:41am):
No teams. There's two airports covered by apc's. FOW on. Teal Galaxy should be someone
who does damage during their CO power so it will slow people down.
Red11 (08/31/2008 11:12am):

What would funds be?
Days Of Ruin (08/31/2008 11:28am):
1500-2000 if you want a faster game.
Red11 (08/31/2008 04:02pm):

there is a slightly problematical aspect to this. Whichever side is making the most progress
will also attract the most resistance from TG, and there are 20 piperunners. So it will become
somewhat arbitrary who wins, or up to TG's discretion. Still, it's creative and quite weird, it
would take awhile.
amthc356 (08/31/2008 04:04pm):
the only downside I see here is that TG is guaranteed to lose
Days Of Ruin (08/31/2008 04:04pm):
You have to have luck when playing. TG gets to decide who lives and falls.
Meta Rexy (08/31/2008 04:32pm):
this is hell.
you friggin can't win.
Days Of Ruin (08/31/2008 04:40pm):
Capture an airport, break the pipe, build a T-Copter, and capture the HQ's. That's how you
win. And hope that TG doesn't concentrate all of it's units on you.
amthc356 (09/01/2008 02:21am):
actually, if TG's good enough, they can use piperunners to rout everyone else. Someone's
probably going to get booted anyway, that'll allow some of their units to move around freely
chives (09/02/2008 05:15pm):
*is playing as TG right now*

My only instructions when I joined were to pick Hawke. I did, and right now I'm moving my
units on day 1. LIke I'm gonna wait for them to come to me... I'm going for rout! *thumbs-up*
Days Of Ruin (09/04/2008 05:09pm):
If I told you to wait then there goes the luck factor.
Last Edited on 09/04/2008 05:09pm
chives (09/05/2008 03:59pm):
That's true. However, I'm pretty sure I can kill all of you.
Days Of Ruin (09/06/2008 10:58pm):
I didn't know you could move that mega tank off the pipe. I know on another map I made you
couldn't move a unit off a pipe.
chives (09/08/2008 06:08pm):
Well, I can? I never saw a map where you couldn't.

Well, no, I lied. See, if you're moving a unit from terrian it is not normally on to terrain it can
normally be on, then there is no problem. Like, sub on shoal into the sea of mega on pipe into
the plains. But, if a recon was surrounded by sea or something, there is nothing you could
do about it.
Days Of Ruin (09/12/2008 07:58am):
That makes scense then.
Tyrantboy (11/28/2009 07:29pm):
8/10 for uniqueness
Kaxi (12/13/2009 06:43pm):
This is actually a very cool map. Having Team Galaxy trying to annihilate the other teams
in a defensive state is an interesting concept. I'd love to play on this map a lot as one
of the four Countries. I hope that it'll be as much fun as it seems. ^^

9/10 for Amazing Uniqueness and Challenge. ;D
Falconewing (12/13/2009 08:20pm):
Awesome concept :D
Meta Rexy (01/21/2010 07:54pm):
actually, I have another idea.
How about adding a lone TG infantry to this map? He'll be in his own separate spot and his
path will be full of cities to avoid being stopped by mass damage COs (TG has no bases so
it doesn't matter), and at the end of the line he can capture the HQs of all his opponents?
Just to add a time limit to really make it a race
Erniewan (02/01/2010 02:27am):
I'm playing this map now and it's a pretty neat concept. Most of the players dropped out
Power players for this map are Grit (there's a lot of long-range fighting), Hachi (pipe
runners), Hawke (mass damage and healing), Javier (indirect defense), and Eagle (TG's
million units). Maybe consider banning or limiting it to the one's of your choice if you
want a more balanced game.
DreamShovel (07/06/2018 12:31pm):
Here's a ridiculous strategy - choose Orange Star or Blue Moon & just don't build units. You will
never lose as you can't get routed (plus you will be rich for not spending funds).
Last Edited on 07/07/2018 06:08am

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