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Alara Mountain (Design Map by gas6788)
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Red11 (09/21/2008 05:30am):

Im always fond of mech and transport chopper maps, and this one no exception. Maybe add
a few single tile roads so missiles can move faster. Well done.
Ruins of Time (09/21/2008 10:39am):
I think this map has already been made here before...
Shadow Star (09/21/2008 11:05am):
We have most, but not all, of the cart maps. the ones that we don't have tend to be obviously
unfair. before adding cart maps, be sure that we don't already have it, or that you make it
in this insta,ce because the starting funds are 7000, one infantry is not a fair counter, a fair
counter would be using 3000 of the funds in a balanced use of half of the production

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