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Territory Wars (Design Map by milk6)
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Rating: 7.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
milk6 (12/19/2008 12:28pm):
So many Crappy maps coming out(no offence) i hope this isnt one of them

Thx to triberianea (i spellet that wrong)
Harti1990 (12/19/2008 04:50pm):
What are these Recons supposed to be for?
On AWBW, they'll vanish as soon as the game starts.

See point 2 of:
milk6 (12/19/2008 09:05pm):
They are the watchers.....
They know where you live!!!
Sly Mold (12/20/2008 12:03am):
The Recons are kind of pointless, and its too bad there aren't any ports (personal
preference), and it is a little chokepointy (a problem I have with most of my maps), but
it looks nice and I like it. 7/10
DuelStriker (12/20/2008 12:31pm):
I agree with Sly Mold, it's a bit chokepointy, but mainly because of some of those pipes. They
make the fronts too narrow. Most of the fighting will take place on those roads too, it might
not be a bad idea to reduce the amount of roads. This map gets a
milk6 (12/20/2008 07:20pm):
The recons are a joke...
the roads i can inprove on
srry 14k isnt good for sea battles

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