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The Great Whirlpool of Doom (Design Map by Harti1990)
Categories: Casual Play, Mixed Base

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Rating: 7.80 in 5 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
Zovea (12/23/2008 02:44pm):
Harti1990 (12/23/2008 03:32pm):
Zovea is the evil penguin sorcerer who sucks... ... ... in everything being around his
cast whirl.

No, you won't get the Cobalt Ice Infantry when you switch your country to CI.
Yes, there are river tiles next to the silos so that you can launch them as soon as you
got the airports.
Yes, you can reach the airports. Have a look at the borders: They are not river-locked.
And finally, no, there's no secret swastika hidden in Zovea's whirlpool.

funwes (12/23/2008 05:24pm):
There's obviously not a secret swastika. It's very plain and unhidden.
rast2 (12/24/2008 03:22pm):
Thi卍 map ha卍 卍omething 卍trange about it...
Ducky (12/24/2008 09:52pm):
I saw the silo rivers and figured there must be airports but then I could not find the airports.
mrapex (02/16/2009 09:53pm):
FTA has to be off.
Harti1990 (02/24/2009 06:03pm):
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any decent solution to avoid the Artillery FTA in this
case. Still, as soon as the Black Hole egg timer Submarine has run empty, the FTA
countering infantry and city should have managed options to avoid quick HQ cap by then.

Also, Drake and Jess have FTA and so do Black Boats. :D

Meh, about the 3 base countering thingy... dunno but in my test games it seemed to be
alright. Could you perhaps point out what you mean more precisely?
airob (07/31/2009 10:11pm):
i tell you harti, in my own experience, that maps that have an alternate base system
(mine, enemy, mine ,enemy, mine, enemy and so) it´s best toplace two infantry FTA counters
instead of infantry + city, sinceit´s like you are having a fund advantage, however, you
are having a unit adantage on 1/3 fronts for saying so, having enemies at both sides makes
these type of maps to have massive FTA and easy owning, dunno if having the border bases
not merged(the BH and BM bases that only have one front,) may make require the systemi´m
calling for(the map i´m basing my statement of is one of mine with a chain system in which
all bases face enemy ones at both side, however in this one, two bases just face on front)
also, i´mnot sure about the mid bases, if they are too close to one another, it seems a
fun map though
Falconewing (08/20/2009 06:39pm):
me like

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