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4 Player World Map (Design Map by the_abominator)
Categories: Historical/Geographical

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Rating: 7.52 in 23 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
the_abominator (12/31/2008 03:35pm):
Ok, this is a map I created on a cart. It is ideal if you want to play a world map that isn't colossal.

JS starts with a unit on the Australian base to open up a second front with China.
USA has no roads and few properties because they have time to prepare an invasion.
Every nation has an island airport near them (Europe=Britain, China=Japan, South Africa= Madagascar) except
USA as the ability to launch long-range strikes would be too much of an advantage.
In the modern world oil equals power, oil fields are represented by com towers. They are in: Alaska (so USA
has the strength to launch a successful invasion), Middle East (this will be contested by Europe and Africa,
while the Nile prevents swarming both ways) and Siberia (not in the geographical location because China would
have a monopoly over them, oil is supposed to be a fought-over commodity)

I'm hoping to create a 5 or 6 player version for greater balance, any suggestions and criticisms are welcome.
Last Edited on 12/31/2008 05:38pm
Nyvelion (01/01/2009 11:23am):
I think the bigger version of this map made by someone else is better.
Edit: Fixed typo.
Last Edited on 02/09/2014 11:03pm
the_abominator (01/01/2009 12:23pm):
Well you smell funny.
snowlico (01/02/2009 02:44am):
I think it looks neat. I saved a screen shot of it so I can make one on my gameboy sometime
so I can play it myself alot quicker then online.
mrapex (01/04/2009 12:33am):
don't listen to Nyvelion, she's cranky.

Also: USA wins. As always.
the_abominator (01/04/2009 10:52am):
Also: USA wins. As always.
Not necessarily, they have few shoals to land on and get less income than everyone else, so if africa or Europe
get powerful enough they could easily invade America.
CowBrigade (11/01/2009 12:18am):
Ima liking your map Thumbs up

Meta Rexy (01/19/2010 11:17pm):
GS' isolated position gives it enough space to fully set up without fear of being invaded.
Let's face it. Isolationism sucks. :(
And GS also has nobody to compete with for a comm tower. javier/10
Red11 (02/03/2010 09:07pm):

Why is there nothing in Australia, surely it's not a complete cultural wasteland?
Lord_Echo (03/20/2010 10:33pm):
LOL, about Australia. I've noticed that Europe is actually the most powerful nation based
on urbanity, especially if they make an alliance or two and even more so if they nab a Oil Rig
(Com Tower). There should be a Brazilian player included for balance. But apart from the
second point about Brazil, this map is a fun, short and leikable map inded. Congrats.
Last Edited on 03/20/2010 10:34pm
TI(GER)-86 (05/27/2010 11:56pm):
Broadside (10/04/2011 04:02pm):
The isolation of america is too much of an advantage. It has access to a good amount
territories without any resistance. This means: building infantry to cap and having tons
of funds from not having to build or replace any forces. I would suggest using the
australia idea, except in south america. also exchange the JS infantry for america and
put the JS infantry in south america. this way, everyone has 2 fronts. 4/10 till america
becomes balanced.
Joly (10/15/2011 10:30am):
After playing as America (against Broadside, in fact), I agree with him/her. It is
unbalanced at the moment.
Rockoe10 (09/13/2012 07:49pm):
I really like this one! There are a few things I would probably change for personal preferences,
but it is a solid map.

the-deadly-shadow (08/11/2015 05:09am):
America can lock the african base, making them helpless. I guess leaving africa helpless
is what the western civilisations allow to happen in real life too.

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