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A fierce battle (Design Map by jpeg)
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Rating: 7.09 in 11 ratings
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
tst5382 (05/02/2009 10:01am):
Too standard I suppose.
Digitalized (08/26/2009 08:37am):
I like it. Good for noobs like me I suppose.
Tyrantboy (03/05/2010 09:13pm):
i give it 8/10
streen (04/22/2010 10:02am):
you can either defend your base if youre blue moon OR you can just take the airport in day2
and have an unfair advantage, i give it a 7/10
=6Ace9= (01/12/2011 04:06pm):
defiantly a t2 advantage map. OS has a hard time winning due to the turn early air superiority.
MASHERCUT (02/10/2011 12:19pm):
what good does having that airport early do when you have no money, lol
violin3fome (12/10/2012 04:31pm):
If you put restrictions on stealths, this is a great map :)
Nyvelion (12/06/2013 03:44am):
If your opponent can afford to get a Stealth on this map, you've done something wrong.

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